Technology has wrought profound changes in the ways that consumers interact with businesses in virtually every sector. Whether it’s travel, healthcare, finance, entertainment or retail, the old assumptions about how to find, engage and retain customers no longer hold up.

Consumers want instant access. They expect business alliances to manifest in seamless, intuitive apps. They demand deep information about products, social connectivity and mobility. APIs are at the heart of the shift, making possible the new connections between devices and systems that power the new consumer business model. We call it the API economy. 2016 is the year of the API. The hype is over, with APIs now a “must have” for virtually every business.

In this presentation, Akana's Laura Heritage will explore what it takes to make APIs work as the foundation of a successful digital business:

  • What does it really mean to be a digital business?
  • Examples of disruption happening across industries
  • How APIs fit into a digital business
  • What type of organization structure is needed for a digital business?
  • New types of business models in the API Economy
  • API security considerations for your digital business


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