Simple Service Consumption

As the complexity of service interfaces grows to add security, reliability, and other capabilities needed for business quality services, so does the difficulty of consuming the services.  Studies of the cost of building services and consumers in Fortune 500 companies shows that it can cost up to $50k to add security, reliability and monitoring capabilities to a single service, and up to $40k to add the security and reliability capabilities required to consume the service to a consuming application.  As service reuse becomes more prevalent, the cost of building consumers can quickly become prohibitive. 

This is why Akana provides its Delegate to ensure simple service consumption.  Using the Delegate, consumer developers can focus on implementing the business logic of their application leaving the complexity of complying with enterprise security policies, reliability models, versioning, transport, and other implementation details to the delegate.

Akana’s Delegate is available in many forms, ranging from Java and C# SDKs, through plug-ins for common IDEs and handler sets for common containers.  It is part of the design tools for many business process management solutions, allowing the process designer to drag and drop an “SOA service” into their process fully abstracting the process engine from the physical service implementation.

The Delegate abstracts the developer from the complexities of business quality service consumption including:

  • Authentication – full support for Basic Auth, SAML, X.509, Kerberos, XML-Signature, HTTPS, and all other common tokens
  • Privacy – full support for XML-Encryption in both raw XML and WS-Security forms supporting both encryption and decryption
  • Non-repudiation – full support for raw XML and WS-Security compliance XML-Signature and signature verification
  • PKI – provides public and private key pair management, CRL checking, certificate management
  • Transport – supports http, https, and JMS bindings
  • Reliability model – supports WS-Reliability and WS-ReliableMessaging standards as well as native message queuing reliability models
  • Endpoint location – provides dynamic binding to service endpoint location, policy, standards, and reliability model

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