Open API Developer Platform - Accelerate Development

Build dynamic engaging Apps with scalable APIs.  Plan, build, and run more, openly or privately. Akana Open™ is an API Developer Platform that brings API providers and App developers together.  Open provides easy access to powerful API Management capabilities combined with a social community allowing developers to collaborate to build innovative Apps with scalable APIs.

Connect with APIs

Experiment with and use the APIs published in the Open Platform.

Akana Open™ is an open, free-of-charge playground where developers can come together to create innovate Apps around open and private APIs.  Open provides:

  • Community - You can collaborate with other developers to build your Apps.  Ask questions, search existing discussions and tickets, follow users, APIs, Apps or Groups, build your own groups, or just quietly lurk.  Learn more »
  • Documentation - Let Open’s dynamic documentation framework create interactive documents for your API, create and upload your own documents, or use a combination of the two.
  • Monitoring - See how your API or App is performing and where your traffic is coming from with our real-time dashboard, historic charts and reports.
  • Debugging - Identify and track issues so you can fix problems before your customers notice them.
  • Test Client - Send test messages so you can see how the security (including OAuth) works, and what the request and response messages should look like.

Publish your API

Publish your API into the Akana Open™ community.

Open lets you publish your API so that other developers can find it and use it in their Apps.  It offers:

  • Search - Open will index your API content (name, description, docs, discussions and tickets) so that developers can easily find it, or find supporting information to help them use it.
  • OAuth - Use Open to add OAuth (or other security features and mechanisms) to your API.
  • Define a proxy - Proxy your API through Open to add security, monitoring, provisioning, QoS management and more.  Or simply use Open to provide the social and search features you need.

Cloud to On-premise Federation

Integrate Open with your on-premise Enterprise API Platform

Akana Open™ provides a cloud-based Developer Community.  You can federate your on-premise Enterprise API Platform with Open to publish your APIs into the community.

For details about our Open and API Management PaaS options please click here.