Mobile Application Gateway

The Akana (formerly SOA Software) Mobile Application Gateway accelerates the process of externalizing applications, services and data for mobile consumption by customers, employees, partners and developers. For most enterprises, it is not about just creating an API to an application or data source, but about leveraging existing applications, orchestrating between these applications depending on business processes, and mediating between existing and legacy security standards.

Akana’s Mobile Application Gateway solution is a powerful platform that abstracts out the complexity of enterprise architecture and provides the tools required for businesses to quickly and efficiently make APIs available for mobile apps without requiring them to stand-up a parallel or redundant infrastructure.


Engaging Mobile Experience

Mobile apps have to be optimized for an engaging user experience that is constrained by a small screen size and relatively lower bandwidths. To optimize the user experience for mobile apps, Akana’s API Management platform provides capabilities like transparent caching and pagination.


Rapid, Flexible Integration

Akana API Management platform provides an exclusive server side scripting capability that enables use of common scripting languages such as java script to define additional customizations to transform or enrich APIs. This powerful scripting capability allows for easy and quick changes without the need of re-compiling or re-deploying.


Orchestration between Applications and Services

While an API interface needs to be extremely elegant and simple, a simple API call might be an aggregation of different backend services or even may require to selectively call into a series of different services or applications depending on business logic.



Akana’s API Management Platform provides comprehensive mediation capabilities for transports (including platform specific protocols like Microsoft Net.TCP), messaging patterns and styles (e.g. REST to/from SOAP), security models and tokens, and media-types (XML, JSON, etc). A good example of this is its ability to create a REST/JSON API with OAuth from an existing SOAP service using complex WS-Security policies exposed over JMS.

API lifecycle

Accelerate Development Lifecycle

The Akana API Management platform reduces the time and cost across the lifecycle of the mobile app and the API, ensuring that they are built inline with business requirements and that the various apps and APIs all remain in sync across the multiple versions. It enables enterprises to manage the entire process of designing, developing, deploying, versioning and retiring mobile apps and APIs

Secure Cloud

Mobile App Security

Security should be invisible to the user while still protecting corporate data. Akana’s API Management platform protects corporate data without compromising the user experience. It includes features built specifically to make the mobile app developers successful in securing the apps (e.g. OAuth, encryption, SSO) while still maintaining the user experience.

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