Service Manager for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Akana Service Manager provides a native Windows Server agent for governing WCF Web services.  Akana‚Äôs agent helps Windows Server administrators solve a difficult challenge inherent in managing governance policies for WCF Web services.  Out of the box, WCF provides the capability for policy binding that allows you to define a policy and then bind it for enforcement on a WCF Web service. However, the process of configuring these bindings can become manually intensive as a SOA infrastructure grows. Managing configurations for a complex SOA environment running on multiple Windows Servers can thus become a time consuming task or even a full time administration job. 

The Akana agent for WCF adds an automated, centralized policy definition and enforcement solution for WCF Web services.  Running from an MSI install, our agent deploys and then automatically discovers WCF Web services running in your environment.  From Policy Manager, our central Web-based governance console, you can select services that require governance and then define and enforce policies for each one.  The policy definition and enforcement results in an automatic binding configuration that is native to WCF.  Akana operates completely within the WCF framework at runtime. 

The agent for WCF goes beyond automating WCF policy binding.  It also enables a robust governance capability that allows for monitoring of Web services, SLAs, usage contract definition and enforcement, alerting, and security.

Akana offers a comprehensive SOA Governance Automation solution for Web services on the Microsoft platform.Click here to go to our main Microsoft Page