IBM and SOA Software

Akana’s products provide Ready-to-use SOA Governance Automation for the IBM WebSphere SOA foundation.  This allows the automation of your SOA framework from service conception all the way to service consumption, and ensures the easy and uniform application of patterns and policies throughout your entire IBM software stack. With Akana, you can install and configure a comprehensive SOA Governance solution without having to integrate a broad array of components through custom development or professional services.

IBM WebSphere customers add Akana’s Ready-to-use SOA Governance Automation solution to the IBM WebSphere SOA foundation to realize the following key benefits:

  • Ready-to-use SOA Governance Automation
    Akana’s solution creates an end-to-end SOA framework from Rational, Tivoli and WebSphere products without forcing you to develop your own labor-intensive integrations.  Akana’s products will help you make maximum use of your IBM product stack by automating the entire lifecycle of planning, building, running, and sharing services.  It is ready-to-use right out of the box. You can install individual components, or the entire suite and start enjoying the benefits of an automated and governed SOA framework right away.
  • SOA Unification
    From architects to developers to engineers, providing a unified governance solution to fuse together all the functions, layers and technologies in your IT environment, Akana delivers a unified end-to-end solution that addresses the needs of all the constituents of your SOA family, from architects to developers to engineers, and provides a unified governance solution to fuse together all the functions, layers and technologies in your IT environment,. Built by one team with a common appearance and integrated features, Akana provides the answer to unifying your SOA foundation.
  • Heterogeneous Environment Integration Despite the proliferation of IBM products involved in Service Oriented Architecture, most customers do not have the luxury of working in a pristine environment provided by only one vendor. And since SOA is about connecting a broad array of your IT assets it stands to reason that the application of policy and governance, as well as the automation of services requires and environment that can support not only your IBM core but also a wide array of other vendors such as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, and open source (Redhat, etc.).

Akana’s Ready-to-use SOA Governance solution promotes the use of proven patterns and widely accepted policies throughout an enterprise SOA program, regardless of where services and consumers are designed, built, deployed and operated.  Portfolio Manager, Repository Manager, Service Manager and Policy Manager integrates seamlessly with development and runtime products from most commercial platforms including IBM, SAP, Microsoft, and Oracle, as well as RedHat and other open source providers.  They offer deep integration with IBM Business Process Manager, WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus, WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances, WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR), WebSphere Message Broker, WebSphere Application Server, and IBM z/OS, as well as the Rational suite of software development tools including Team Concert as well as ClearCase, ClearQuest and RAD/RSM/RSA.

Ready-to-use SOA Governance for IBM WebSphere

IBM offers several governance related products in its SOA product portfolio.  The most notable in the WebSphere portfolio is WebSphere Service Registry and Repository.  WSRR is a runtime repository optimized for the IBM product family, and can be significantly enhanced by an enterprise Ready-to-use SOA Governance Automation solution.

IBM customers are adding Akana’s Portfolio Manager, Repository Manager, Service Manager and Policy Manager to provide Ready-to-use SOA Governance Automation for their IBM platform to enhance their IBM investment in the following ways:

  • Uniform lifecycle and policy governance across existing platform investments
  • Lifecycle workflows that automate all phases of service existence (plan, build, run and share)
  • Seamless, heterogeneous SOA Governance, security and management integration with IBM middleware infrastructure and technologies provided by other vendors
  • Enhance performance and reliability management at service level granularity
  • Automate service contract provisioning and negotiation amongst consumers and business organizations
  • Support standards for governance automation (UDDIv3, WS-MEX)
  • Federation of business services and business organizations through a unified SOA Governance system
  • Enable functional and organizational collaboration through all phases of the service lifecycle

Akana’s products support and promote common unified SOA Governance patterns, and enable the consistent execution of these patterns with the IBM platform.  They offer the added benefit that there is no requirement to introduce another non-IBM platform in order to support comprehensive governance. Using Portfolio Manager, Repository Manager, Policy Manager and Service Manager, Akana certifies IBM’s products as Governed Service Platforms, or in the case of WSRR, a Governed Service Repository.

IBM offers products supporting numerous aspects of software development, including software configuration management (Rational ClearCase), defect tracking and change request management (Rational ClearQuest) and many others. IBM also provides a leading Eclipse-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) – Rational Application Developer (RAD), providing software engineers core development tools and integrated access to the above-mentioned underlying development systems of record.  Akana’s Repository Manager establishes a Governed Development Platform environment over these and many other development systems of record. Repository Manager automates the gathering and collection of this information and presents it to key SDLC stakeholders throughout the development governance lifecycle.

Akana’s products offer a comprehensive Ready-to-use SOA Governance Automation solution for IBM:

IBM Product Akana Added Value
WebSphere Message Broker Dynamic discovery, policy enforcement, implementation, and monitoring.
WebSphere Application Server/ESB Dynamic policy enforcement, implementation, and monitoring. Dynamic policy discovery, implementation, binding, and endpoint resolution.
WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliances Policy and service lifecycle management.
Configuration and monitoring integration.
WebSphere Service Registry Repository Automate service and policy deployment. Federate all governed services and platforms for run time binding.
IBM Business Process Manager Dynamic policy enforcement and monitoring.
Dynamic policy discovery, implementation, binding, and endpoint resolution.
z/OS Easy, high-performance Web service creation, publishing, and consumption for mainframe SOA. Dynamic policy discovery, enforcement, implementation and binding.

API Management for IBM WebSphere

APIs (public or corporate) represent a logical extension of the assets in your Service Oriented Architecture and many IBM customers are motivated to leverage these assets for broad consumption as APIs.

Plan, Build, Run, Share: the first 3 elements of the SOA life cycle are critical to a successful adoption of the SOA pattern, but the most important element in realizing the top line business benefit of this investment is share. Sharing your services as an API (public or corporate) requires technical management of the service interface, as well as the social management of the API (interface and documentation), it’s consuming developer community, and the related APIs that help developers create new and exciting applications.

Akana API Management Platform combines the best elements of collaboration, security, analytics and automation together to form an industry leading enterprise API management solution. Automation is one of the keys to this pattern as many of the services that will become APIs are hosted by the IBM SOA foundation. Merging the SOA core with an API layer via automation of publishing, documentation, security, analytics and community management significantly reduces the time, cost and complexity of public or corporate API programs.

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