Governance Automation

Enterprise architecture approvals processes for application development typically involve periodic architecture review board meetings that review proposals and designs to make decisions about whether or not to fund particular projects.  In many cases these architecture review board meetings happen every 4 to 8 weeks, which is fine for large application development projects, but doesn’t scale to meet the needs of service development processes.  Imagine the development process for a service which can take as little as a few days or even hours, being held up for 4-8 weeks at each stage of its lifecycle, because it needed approval at an architecture review board before proceeding.  Similarly, imagine an architecture review board reviewing designs and business proposals for hundreds of services rather than the 2 or 3 applications they are used to managing.  Clearly the current processes are not agile enough, and do not scale well enough, but you can’t simply remove these processes. 

This is where Integrated SOA Governance Automation (ISGA) solutions come in.  By implementing the existing governance processes through simple, role-based workflow solutions with integrated policy compliance validation checks, ISGA solutions allow companies to maintain their current levels of control without introducing roadblocks, or causing current processes to stall.

Akana’s Repository Manager and Policy Manager products combine to provide a comprehensive Integrated SOA Governance Automation solution.  The solution provides:

  • Asset lifecycle management processes
  • Consumer contract provisioning processes
  • Approvals workflow processes
  • Continuous compliance and validation

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