Compliance Validation

One of the important roles of a governance automation solution is determining an asset’s compliance with defined enterprise policies.  For example, an organization might require that a service have a design document, a description, be properly categorized, and have a defined business case before it can be promoted from the design stage to the development stage of the lifecycle.  The SOA lifecycle governance automation system provides an easy way to define and manage compliance policies and associate these policies with lifecycle stages, categories, and other taxonomy or folksonomy structures and types.

Akana’s Policy Manager provides a powerful compliance policy definition, management, and validation framework.  It defines policies as sets of rules, with individual rules capable of processing a static service context in the repository, or dynamically captures message data from Service Manager.  Rules are written in XQuery, Java Script, or as Java Classes.  Policy Manager provides a set of policies out of the box, including WS-I Basic Profile validation, and publishes the policy language, context, and APIs to partners.  Our partners have created a library of “policy packs” for various compliance definition policy sets.

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