Cloud Identity Management - Security Simplified

Simplify Secure Sharing of Private Data with Cloud Applications. Akana’s OAuth Server is an enterprise authentication and authorization product. It provides a comprehensive security token server that integrates with enterprise identity and access management systems providing the latest Web and API security standards including OpenId and OAuth.

With the OAuth Server, businesses can publish and interact with secure data; provide a way for users to share private data between different applications, and allow users to approve applications to act on their behalf without sharing passwords.

Enterprise to Cloud SSO

Apply enterprise security to cloud applications. With Akana's OAuth Server customers, employees and partners can use their existing enterprise managed user information for single-sign-on with cloud applications

  • SaaS Application Login - access SaaS applications like, Workday, Office365 and others using your enterprise credentials without ever having to share your password with the external provider.
  • Enterprise Application Login - Login to enterprise applications hosted internally or in the cloud using your enterprise login information without compromising your security.

Centrally Managed Access Control

Akana's OAuth Server lets users centrally manage the applications they choose share their private data with. Security features include:

  • Authentication Policy Options - Choose from a wide array of authentication schemes, standards and token types to ensure that only valid users and applications get access to your APIs
  • Enterprise OAuth - Use your existing enterprise security systems to create an OAuth authorization server so your users can manage access rights for their own data
  • Advanced Cryptography - Ensure the privacy of customer data with sophisticated encryption and signature capabilities

Secure Mobile Identity

Akana's OAuth Server provides a way for mobile device users to securely access enterprise and cloud applications without having to share their passwords. Mobile features include:

  • Single-Sign-On for Mobile Applications - Use enterprise credentials for single-sign-on to native and browser-based applications without sharing passwords
  • Mobile Application Authorization - Centrally manage authorizations for mobile applications

API Platform Integration

Akana's OAuth Server offers deep integration with the company's Enterprise API Platform™ allowing customers to extend enterprise security to their APIs.

  • Resource to Operation Mapping - Define enterprise OAuth resources that map to API operations to allow customer to make meaningful authorization decisions
  • Choose OAuth options in API configuration - Allow customers to tailor the OAuth capabilities offered by the APIs for mobile, desktop, or browser applications, as well as specific security requirements