Application Consolidation

Within most sizeable enterprises, there are typically a number of software programs that have overlapping functionality.  There are two business problems that stem from this situation.  On one level, there may be disparities between information processing on different systems, which can lead to problems in operations or financial reporting.  It is also quite costly to maintain multiple systems that do essentially the same thing. 

An effective planning governance process gives you the ability to consolidate these redundant applications to reduce maintenance costs.  Optimally, all overlapping applications can be reduced to a single application with a set of common services that becomes the sole source of functionality for the required business processes. 

Akana’s Portfolio Manager is the only planning governance solution focusing on enterprise service planning.  It enables architects to work intelligently with business analysts and line-of-business managers in planning governance.  Diverse stakeholders can model the desired “to be” state of Enterprise services, identify the services that exist “as is,” and plan and prioritize a service roadmap.  Portfolio Manager provides the basis for planning governance that merges “top-down” business requirements analysis and “bottom-up” application inventory and maps prioritized business needs against service candidates derived from the intersection of these top-down and bottom-up views.  The result of the planning process is the publication of an enterprise services roadmap that contains the definitions of individual candidate services. Each candidate service is subject to the development governance process.

A key advantage of Akana’s common policy infrastructure – a feature of the company’s unified product suite - is the ability to ensure consistency of policies throughout the plan-build-run enterprise service lifecycle.  As the output of the planning process flows into the development and operational phases of SOA Governance, cross-cutting security and SLA policies defined in Policy Manager and associated with service candidate in the planning stage through Portfolio Manager, flow seamlessly into development where governance is managed by Akana’s Repository Manager.  When enterprise services are deployed, those policies are enforced by Akana’s Service Manager.