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Leverage SOA as the foundation for Enterprise APIs.  Build a better business.

According to Gartner API Management and SOA Governance are converging into a consolidated space called Application Services Governance.

Application Services Governance provides the tools to help you make sure that you deliver APIs and SOA together to drive your company to meet its business strategy more quickly, more completely, or more effectively.

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The diagram below shows how API Management relates to SOA Governance.  As you can see SOA Governance includes lifecycle governance and run-time management, API Management adds community management and leverages a lot of the run-time capabilities and some of the lifecycle capabilities of SOA Governance.

We can’t take credit for this diagram, it is loosely based on work from Gartner.  We have intentionally simplified the original concept, and as such take the blame for any inaccuracy or imprecision.


Akana’s Application Services Governance solution helps you better respond to the changing business environment, bringing new products to market faster, and allowing IT to better align with business requirements with:

  • End-to-end planning - Improve time to market by making sure that internal infrastructure and services are ready when your APIs need to use them.
  • Change management - Make sure that agility doesn’t come at the cost of stability by effectively managing change across SOA assets and services and APIs.

Cost Efficiency

Do more with less and build APIs and services more quickly and at much lower cost using Application Services Governance to:

  • Leverage Existing Enterprise Resources for APIs - Build your APIs using existing enterprise services and assets to bring APIs to market more quickly and cost effectively.
  • Integrated Lifecycle - Understand the interconnections between activities in your SOA and API programs.

Risk Management

Let Akana help you sleep better at night.  Application Services Governance can help you manage the delicate balance between delivering valuable capabilities to the market and protecting sensitive data, and between preparing for success and collapsing under the weight of it.

  • End-to-end Security - Use the appropriate security models and standards for services and APIs even if they are different.  Use the Akana product set to enable end-to-end security mediation and integration with enterprise security systems.
  • Capacity and Availability Management - Plan and manage throughput and availability to ensure that you deliver the performance and service levels your customers expect without risking internal system overload.

Stability & Availability

Keep the engine of business running smoothly.  Use Application Service Governance to make sure that you understand the implications of any changes you plan, and to quickly identify the cause of operational problems.

  • Root cause Analysis - Track transactions from the API where they enter your business to the back end services and applications that process them so you can quickly find and fix problems.
  • Impact Analysis - Understand the relationships between your business systems and applications, SOA assets and services, APIs and your customers and partners.  This way you will know the potential impact of any changes you plan to make before you make them.


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