Provide greater flexibility and efficiency to IT by decoupling your datacenter with APIs

Transform your datacenter by enabling business and IT to deploy, manage and govern applications across clouds. Decouple and manage compute, storage and networking resources as secured APIs, with Akana's API Management platform. Get started with an API driven software-defined datacenter (SDDC).


Optimize Utilization

Attain new levels of infrastructure utilization and reduce capital expenditures and operating costs by leveraging a Datacenter API Platform

  • Realize efficiencies of cloud computing by controlling and managing the APIs exposed by your datacenter across compute, storage and networking.
  • Achieve transformational levels of business agility along with operational efficiency. Productize your datacenter API Platform and drive adoption across lines of businesses. Promote development of new command & control apps.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Dramatically speed up time to launch new business initiatives and create the next generation of applications that scale based on the demands of the business.

  • Build next generation of 'cloud-native' applications that are aware of and can control their own environment through APIs, i.e. dynamically provision/de-provision resources based on the predicted demands of the business.
  • Drive and support a culture of innovation that is centered around your datacenter API Platform. Deploy the tools to drive adoption through a developer community and an API storefront.

Ensure Flexibility

Avoid platform or vendor lock-in by abstracting out your critical infrastructure components as managed APIs.

  • Access, automate and control your public, private and hybrid cloud as standardized APIs across compute, storage and networking infrastructure. Mix and match different cloud providers and open standards.
  • Create a datacenter API platform that is designed from the top down. Simplify complex control tasks and rationalize policy decisions by orchestrating API calls across your infrastructure components.

Manage Risk

Manage a delicate balance between delivering competitive capabilities to the market and protecting sensitive data.

  • Lay down a framework for policies and controls across your datacenter that support innovation and agility while reducing risk. Create a governance model around how the Datacenter components are licensed and provisioned.
  • Lower risk by decoupling your business and technology processes. Make sure that agility doesn't come at the cost of stability by effectively managing change across both IT and business processes.

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