Leverage SOA Governance as the foundation for Enterprise APIs. Reinvent the way you build your applications.

Equip business and IT with the tools to help make sure that you deliver APIs and SOA together to drive your company to meet its business strategy more quickly, more completely, or more effectively.

Drive Business Agility

Respond to the changing business environment, bringing new products to market faster, and enable IT to better align with business requirements.

  • Improve time to market by making sure that internal infrastructure and services are ready when your APIs need to use them. Foster inter-department collaboration, contract management and service visibility, and gain competitive advantage.
  • Make sure that agility doesn’t come at the cost of stability by effectively managing change across SOA assets and APIs. Embrace change while managing the end-to-end API and application dependencies.

Lower Costs

Do more with less and build APIs and services more quickly and at much lower cost

  • Leverage Existing Enterprise Resources for APIs. Build your APIs using existing enterprise services and assets to bring APIs to market more quickly and cost effectively.
  • Understand the relationships between your business systems and applications, SOA assets and services, APIs and your customers and partners. This way you will know the potential impact of any changes you plan to make before you make them.

Gain Operational Excellence

Keep the engine of your business running smoothly. Make sure that you understand the implications of any changes you plan, and to quickly identify the cause of operational problems.

  • Plan and manage throughput and availability to ensure that you deliver the performance and service levels your customers expect without risking internal system overload.
  • Use the appropriate security models and standards for services and APIs even if they are different. Use the Akana product set to enable end-to-end security mediation and integration with enterprise security systems.

Drive Adoption Across your Community

Share, engage, and drive adoption of your services. Ensure widespread uptake and engage users with a community powered with social interactions.

  • Drive adoption with updated documentation and developer community. Publish your APIs and services and allow consumers to explore relevant services based on configurable access or group policies. Connect with service consumers, and drive consistent and widespread API usage.
  • Eliminate bottleneck and remove hurdles in the API or service provisioning process. Provide offer, request, negotiation and approval workflows for API and service access, capacity, SLA and policy contracts. Make self-provisioning and onboarding a snap.

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