Monetize Your Digital Assets

Customers are spending more time on apps across mobile devices and other digital channels. Securely externalize your applications and data as API's and license and package them in customized bundles to maximize revenue.

Custom License

Create Customized Licenses and Rate Plans

Create customized packages and tailored plans for partners and developers to consume your application, license them accordingly, and maximize revenue based on usage. Create different levels (i.e. Platinum, Silver, Bronze) and guide partners gradually through the levels.

Market APIs

Market and Brand your Data as APIs

Market and monetize your data and applications, in part or as a whole. Surface the hidden potential of your data by exposing them as simple, marketable APIs as you make them easy to adopt by partners and developers. Partition and segment your data, market data in different ways, and enforce selective access to maximize revenue.

Simple APIs

Open up Existing Applications

Securely open up your data while protecting your enterprise against threats and unauthorized access. Transform any application, data or service into an elegant and simple API, abstracting the complexity of internal systems and backend applications. Find news ways to monetize existing applications.

API provision

Analyze, Monitor and Deliver

Manage quality-of-service for your APIs, quotas and service-levels for individual apps. Ensure that the appropriate data is being delivered through the right APIs, to the right partner app. Optimize the delivery and performance through caching and global delivery, which can elastically respond to demand. Advanced monitoring allows you to troubleshoot and react problems before they can adversely impact your business or brand.

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