SOA Software SOA Federation Solution

Akana’s SOA Federation solution is a subset of its industry-leading Integrated SOA Governance Automation product family.  The SOA Federation solution combines the Service Manager Network Directory standalone intermediary with a Policy Manager instance pre-configured with simplified publication and consumption approvals workflows.

Akana’s Network Director and Policy Manager combine to offer exceptional service virtualization, mediation, publication and discovery automation capabilities in a high-performance, reliable software solution.

They offer:

  • Service Virtualization – policy enforcement, tolerance/mediation, aggregation, change management/abstraction, capacity planning/management/monitoring
  • Trust and Management Mediation - Multi-pattern mediation (agent, delegate, proxy, relay, gateway, router, switch, pipe & filter, Policy Enforcement Point), messaging mediation, reliability mediation, standards mediation, transport mediation
  • Publication and Discovery Automation – registry/repository, publication approvals workflow, contract management