UDDI Registry

Registry/repository solutions form the core of an integrated SOA Governance solution.  Akana delivers a standards-compliant registry/repository at the heart of its Policy Manager product.

Policy Manager provides a comprehensive, enterprise-class UDDI and WS-MetadataExchange implementation delivering:

  • Industry leading scalability, performance, and reliability
  • Publish and search
  • Federated search across heterogeneous UDDI repositories
  • Delegated manageability through object level security
  • Version management and change approval workflow process
  • Service-level policy meta data management
  • Customizable taxonomy and category management
  • Powerful change notification mechanism
  • Data replication and import/export of provider, service, and category data
  • Advanced Java and .NET SDK

Registry Benefits

  • Eliminates vendor lock-in with the first comprehensive commercial implementation of the UDDI V3.0 standards and the WS-MetadataExchange specification
  • Facilitates service reuse with advanced management of service publication and subscription data to extend the value of Web services by providing developers with powerful search, notify, browse and API support
  • Ensures that mission critical services are not exposed to unauthorized applications with its comprehensive object based security
  • Integrates with existing enterprise and partner service registries using standards-based replication and synchronization models
  • Delivers a comprehensive integrated SOA governance solution with extended meta data management and storage
  • Speeds administrator acceptance and reduces cost with a user-friendly UDDI Console
  • Assures enterprise-class reliability, scalability and performance using an advanced architecture leveraging an RDBMS back-end
  • Facilitates abstraction of consumer and provider end-points with a powerful version management and change approval workflow process
  • Delivers customizable folksonomy, taxonomy and category management to facilitate rapid discovery and sharing of applicable services
  • Delivers comprehensive replication and import/export of provider, service, and category data to ensure wide local availability of shared registry/repository services
  • Provides advanced Java and .NET SDKs to make complex registry/respository services widely available to all developers and applications.  Delivers comprehensive security, load-balancing, subscription and change notifications services