Policy Manager for WSRR

Policy Manager™ for IBM WebSphere WSRR provides comprehensive SOA Governance tools for all the different roles in the organization including; service developer, consumer developer, architect, business stakeholder, IT operations, security operations, and more. It uses a role-based security model for authorization of policy-driven SOA Governance process control such as service publishing and provisioning process approvals, and to protect sensitive information.

Policy Manager™ for IBM WebSphere WSRR provides consistent governance by extending WSRR control to heterogeneous non-IBM environments. It provides:
SOA Policy Federation for WSRR:

  • Expose WSRR managed policies via WS-Metadata Exchange and WS-Resource Transfer Services
  • Active contract management. Manages relationships between consumers and providers
  • Collect, process and distribute monitoring data
  • Closed-loop auditing for WSRR services
  • Policy Manager can be deployed stand-alone providing powerful SOA Governance. It integrates seamlessly with Akana’s Repository Manager™ for comprehensive metadata management, and can also be deployed with Akana’s Service Manager™, or any other standards-based SOA Operational Governance Automation solution. Policy Manager defines, monitors, and manages Active Contracts™ between consumers and providers. Contracts can be enforced by Service Manager.