Policy Manager Capabilities

Contract Management

Akana’s Policy Manager provides a workflow model allowing potential consumers to interact with service providers to request and negotiate access to, and specific service levels for, a service or set of services. 

Service Manager enforces contracts to ensure that consumers without a contract cannot access a service, and monitor, manage, and report on contract terms, including SLAs, for each consumer.  It seamlessly ensures that the provider meets agreed upon service levels, delivers any required mediations, and verifies that the consumer(s) are complying with required policies and that the access rights and times are enforced and complied with.

Compliance Policy

Akana’s Policy Manager provides a powerful compliance policy definition, management, and validation framework.  It defines policies as sets of rules, with individual rules capable of processing a static service context in the repository, or dynamically captures message data from Service Manager.  Rules are written in XQuery, Java Script, or as Java Classes.  Policy Manager provides a set of policies out of the box, including WS-I Basic Profile validation, and publishes the policy language, context, and APIs to partners.  Our partners have created a library of “policy packs” for various compliance definition policy sets.

Operational Policy

Policy Manager provides the industry’s most comprehensive operational policy definition and management solution.  Operational policies affect the way services or intermediaries behave.  Policy Manager divides operational policies into 3 classes:

  • Security Policies -  control authentication, authorization, privacy, non-repudiation, and integrity capabilities and requirements.
  • Auditing Policies determine - determine what data is captured and when it is captured.
  • QoS Policies - work in conjunction with the auditing policies processing captured data to determine how services are performing for throughput, response time, faults, and availability.

Policy Manager allows policy administrators to define and manage policies and then associate those policies with services or service operations in a number of different ways.

Governance Automation

Akana’s Repository Manager and Policy Manager products combine to provide a comprehensive Integrated SOA Governance Automation solution.  The solution provides governance workflow processes for:

  • Asset lifecycle management processes - marshal services and other assets through their lifecycle with appropriate compliance policy validation and approvals.
  • Consumer contract provisioning processes - allow consumers to find services they want to use and request access to them with defined QoS and access parameters.  This provides consumers with the confidence that the service they want to consume will meet their QoS requirements.
  • Continuous compliance and validation - validate compliance policies at all lifecycle stage transitions to ensure that services and other assets are relevant and appropriate.