The Service Manager™ includes several optional software development kits that support both Java and .NET applications. The SDKs provide flexibility to develop a Web services network to meet unique and evolving requirements.

The most commonly used is the Client SDK that allows developers to truly abstract their applications from the endpoints (consumers and providers) by leveraging the Registry fabric for core security and management capabilities.  This allows Web services to deliver on the promise of an agile enterprise.

Service Manager™ SDKs and APIs

All of the SDKs are available for both .NET and Java, and implement:

  • Support for multi-transport protocol
  • Support for client-side high-availability/load-balancing
  • Language Binding Independence
  • Support for multiple operating systems:
    • Windows
    • Linux
    • Solaris

Client SDK – allows Web service clients to automatically conform to the management and security policy that is enforced at the Web service endpoint.

  • Allows compression, encryption, signature and verification of SOAP and XML messages
  • Delivers dynamic endpoint discovery and binding
  • Offers support for authentication token management (basic, SAML and X.509)
  • Manages WS-Security on behalf of the client

Custom Pipeline SDK – allows extension of the Management Point to provide any transformation, management or security service required for a specific application.

UDDI Client SDK– allows clients to leverage the comprehensive meta data services provided by the Digital Evolution Registry Manager.

  • Client-side caching for performance
  • Multi-protocol access to UDDI
  • UDDI change notification
  • Security token management

Service Manager Policy Client SDK – allows clients to be fully abstracted from the complexity of authentication, authorization and cryptographic services.

  • Interface for SAML token regeneration
  • Interface to Digital Vault for sensitive data storage and access
  • Client-side caching of security tokens for authentication/authorization
  • Client-side security contract enforcement

Service Manager Alert Client SDK– allows 3rd party applications (such as intrusion detection solutions) to access and act on alert information generated by the Service Manager™ product components.

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