SOA Software Repository Manager Wins 2010 Hot Companies and Best Products Award

Recognized as “Best in SOA” for Development Governance

Los Angeles, CA - April 26, 2010 - SOA Software, a leading SOA and Cloud Services Governance provider, announced today that its Repository Manager 6.2 Development Governance product has been winner of Hot Companies and Best Products Awards in the “Best in SOA” category.  These awards recognize companies with future potential as well as cite proven products that deliver significant innovation to customers.

“We are pleased and honored that Repository Manager is being recognized,” said Brent Carlson, SVP of Technology, SOA Software. “Our team has gone the extra mile to produce a product that automates and simplifies the important work of governing SOA at the development stage.”

SOA Software Repository Manager is a development governance platform that automates the process of developing, governing and deploying Web services.  Repository Manager turns commitment into practice, giving SOA developers and other stakeholders the ability to discover access and govern services and other software assets.  In use in the Fortune 500, Repository Manager lets the SOA team address core issues for any SOA project or reuse initiative:

  • From a single source, manage heterogeneous asset types such as Web services, components (.NET, J2EE, CORBA), legacy systems, and/or knowledge assets, such as patterns and best practices. 
  • Define service consumption processes to control access to sensitive artifacts until approval is granted, minimizing developer access to rogue, and untraceable services.
  • With Asset Relationship Visualization, users can quickly and easily understand asset to asset relationships via graphical representation. 
  • Eclipse-based Configuration Manager allows users to drag and drop development governance rules to meet the needs of their project or line of business.
  • Administrators can easily specify governance policies ranging from a simple, single sign-off approval policy to one that has multiple levels of sign-off and automated validation points.
  • Federations with leading service registries, including HP SOA Systinet, IBM WSRR and TIBCO ActiveMatrix, automatically synchronize service definitions, metadata and governance states both to and from the run-time environment. 
  • With Asset Import Center, users can scan UDDI V2+, HP Systinet, IBM WSRR and TIBCO ActiveMatrix based registries for commonly used services, easily extracting them into a governed service lifecycle process. 
  • Discovery Engine offers capabilities ranging from simple keyword searches to sophisticated, model-based searches. 
  • Active Design allows business analysts to create a persistent search specification from a business process model.

An annual achievements and recognition awards program with active participation from a broad spectrum of industry voices, the coveted annual Hot Companies and Best Products recognition program encompasses the world’s best in organizational performance, products and services, executives and management teams, successful deployments, product management and engineering, support and customer satisfaction, and public relations in every area of information technology. Winners were honored in Las Vegas during the 5th annual dinner and presentations

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