SOA Software Offers Free Registry

Enterprise-class UDDIv3 Registry Delivers Exceptional Performance and Scalability to Support SOA Initiatives

SANTA MONICA, Calif., April 18, 2005— SOA Software™ (formerly Digital Evolution), the leading provider of comprehensive SOA and Web services management, security and governance solutions, today announced that, for a limited time, it is offering its industry-leading Registry product for free.

SOA Software was the first company to ship a commercially available UDDI version 3 registry with the release of version 2.1 of its Registry product in May 2003. SOA Software’s Registry is an enterprise-class UDDIv3 compliant services registry and meta-data repository.  It provides the exceptional performance and unparalleled scalability required to support enterprise SOA initiatives. Far more than a simple design-time discovery tool for developers, SOA Software’s Registry provides a comprehensive service policy meta-data repository that facilitates run-time policy and endpoint discovery and binding.

By offering its Registry at no charge SOA Software expects to drive customer adoption of Service Oriented Architecture solutions.  With this reduced cost of entry more enterprises will adopt UDDI as a core service meta-data repository bringing faster return on their investments in SOA and Web services.

“Our Registry is one of the pillars of an enterprise SOA infrastructure along with security and management,” said Paul Gigg, CEO of SOA Software.  “It offers the enterprise-class scalability, reliability and performance required by large enterprises.”

“Runtime discovery is a cornerstone of SOA,” said Jason Bloomberg, Senior Analyst at ZapThink LLC. “Other UDDI registry vendors typically focus on design-time discovery and governance issues, assisting developers in finding the appropriate Services for their projects. SOA Software, however, sets itself apart from the pack with its focus on runtime discovery as part of its overall SOA management and SOA enablement product suite. SOA Software thus lives up to its new name, providing the full gamut of runtime SOA enablement capabilities in its offerings.”

To scale its Service Oriented Architecture projects, a large enterprise must use a registry as a run-time discovery service to achieve true loose coupling of applications and services.  This places considerable load on the UDDI server and explains the need for an enterprise-class product like SOA Software’s Registry.  By using a UDDI registry as a central store for security and management policies for its service, and leveraging this with an award winning Web services management product like SOA Software’s Service Manager, enterprises can ensure the security and reliability of applications and services and ensure that they maintain compliance with internal and external governance standards.  Registry as a standalone design-time developer tool has limited value; the true value comes with run-time enforcement of policies defined in the Registry.

Availability and Pricing
SOA Software’s Registry Version 2.4 is available now.

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