SOA Software Launches Product for alignment of SOA investment and business objectives

Portfolio Manager is the Industry’s First SOA Planning Governance Product

Los Angeles, Calif., January 12, 2009 – SOA Software, the leading Integrated SOA Governance vendor announced today the launch of the industry’s first SOA Planning Governance product.  SOA Software’s Portfolio Manager™ is an innovative product ensuring the alignment of strategic investment in SOA and business objectives by helping enterprises build the right services at the right time.

Planning Governance helps enterprises maximize their investment in SOA on platforms like IBM, SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, RedHat and others by making sure they build services to plan and to priority.  Through planning governance, IT organizations can better understand dependencies between planned services and prioritize development appropriately, and can build services based on current and planned needs according to a well thought-out program.  SOA programs require strong planning processes to build enterprise services that are generally reusable.  Project-specific services will not be flexible enough to support generalized reuse, and without early success, application development teams will not see the potential value of SOA.  In short, SOA portfolio management helps organizations evolve as needed to support successful SOA programs.

Portfolio Manager™ is an SOA portfolio management product that helps customers better align IT investments with business initiatives and become more adaptable to their changing requirements.  It helps customers identify candidate services and build an SOA roadmap through SOA Modeling (i.e. top-down analysis), Asset Identification (i.e., bottom-up application inventory), and SOA Roadmap Management (i.e., service identification, prioritization and allocation) processes.  To achieve these goals Portfolio Manager functions as part of SOA Software’s unified SOA Governance automation suite. 

Portfolio Manager:

  • Identifies candidate services from existing assets and target architectures to help companies ensure the success of their SOA programs by building services to plan and priority
  • Delivers packaged SOA planning governance methods and governance automation meta-models to quickly establish planning governance processes
  • Dynamically represents current and future architecture models based on industry standards and internal definitions to maximize the value of the SOA Roadmap
  • Delivers preloaded APQC business process frameworks promoting compliance with industry best practices to minimize planning governance cost and time
  • Imports existing assets and services from asset management systems and UDDI registries to quickly deliver value with rapid and comprehensive analysis of existing IT capabilities
  • Preserves the fidelity of governance processes and structures by automatically provisioning prioritized services into Repository Manager for seamless Development Governance Automation
  • Ensures that SOA Governance is a continuous dynamic process to maximize the value of, and protect the investment in portfolio management

“SOA Portfolio Management is an important part of a planning governance process that helps ensure the success of enterprise SOA programs,” said Brent Carlson, senior vice president of technology at SOA Software.  “Our Portfolio Manager product allows our customers to maximize the efficiency of their strategic investment in SOA towards meeting their business objectives.”

Availability and Pricing

Portfolio Manager is available as of January 2009, pricing starts at $50k.

About SOA Software
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