SOA Software Founder and Chairman Publishes Book

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SOA Software Founder and Chairman Publishes Book

“Understanding Enterprise SOA” to highlight Eric Pulier’s
Leadership in Service-Oriented Architecture

Santa Monica, Calif. –– November 14, 2005 — SOA Software, the leading provider of comprehensive SOA and Web services management, security and governance solutions, announced today that Eric Pulier, its founder and chairman, is publishing his first book, “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” with Manning Publications. 

“Understanding Enterprise SOA” is written for business managers and other non-technologists, as well as IT professionals who want the big picture. The book lays out the technological underpinnings of Web services and Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) in a business context.  It reveals the business issues of such topics as SOA security, management, utility computing and business process management.

“Understanding Enterprise SOA” uses as an example a complex, multinational company seeking to address global process and infrastructure challenges. The book shows how a well-planned and executed SOA provides cost savings and efficiency. 

“Writing this book allowed me to express my views of the next phase in the evolution of software and enterprise technology,” said author Eric Pulier, founder and chairman at SOA Software.  “Achieving an SOA brings dramatic benefits, but requires a deep understanding of both business and technology issues.  I felt that writing a book would be the most effective way to communicate the challenges and opportunities.”

“This book should prove essential for any business professional evaluating or managing an SOA solution,” says Jason Bloomberg, senior analyst at ZapThink. “Eric Pulier’s extensive knowledge and deep understanding of both business and technology make the book a compelling read on a complex subject.”

Marjan Bace, publisher of Manning Publications, says, “We are excited to be working with Eric Pulier on this book. It fills an unmet need for a holistic look at both business and technology factors that come to the fore when one is rethinking enterprise architecture in terms of Web services.”

“In ‘Understanding Enterprise SOA’ the authors provide business decision makers with valuable guidance to help them both understand and realize the potential of a Service-Oriented Architecture approach to enable better alignment of business and IT,” said Neil Macehiter, partner at Macehiter Ward-Dutton.  “They offer sound, pragmatic advice that acknowledges the pivotal roles of people and process –– as well as technology –– and recognizes the challenges organizations will face in adopting SOA.”

Electronic and print copies of the book are now available at

About SOA Software

SOA Software is the leading provider of comprehensive enterprise-class SOA security, management and governance solutions.  SOA Software’s products include the award winning Service Manager, Registry and XML VPN.  Service Manager™, proven to handle 1,000,000,000 Web service transactions per hour, is the only product on the market that secures, monitors and manages XML and Web services. The XML VPN makes it easy for companies to securely publish Web services for their partners to consume.  It ensures the usability, security and reliability of Web services, allowing partners to create new business models.  SOA Software’s UDDIv3 compliant Registry is the first product to integrate service discovery with policy and performance management.  These products combine to create the only complete SOA Infrastructure solution available today.  SOA Software is a privately held company backed by leading investors including Redpoint, Mellon Ventures, Palisades Ventures Fund and Paladin Capital Group. For more information on the company and SOA Software’s new book, “Understanding Enterprise SOA,” please visit

About Manning Publications

Manning is an independent publisher headquartered in Greenwich, CT, that specializes in publishing computer and technical books for professionals—programmers, developers, system administrators, designers, architects, business managers and others. Since 1994, Manning has built its reputation as a publisher of the highest quality technical books and attracts leading technologists and computer scientists to its ranks of authors. For more information, visit

Understanding Enterprise SOA
by Eric Pulier and Hugh Taylor
ISBN 1932394-59-1
Softbound print edition, 280 pages, $39.95
E-book edition $20.00
November 2005

Hugh Taylor
SOA Software

Helen Trimes
Manning Publishing
Michael Celiceo
Schwartz Communications for SOA Software

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