SOA Software Delivers Enhanced Support for BEA AquaLogic Product Family

SOA Software announces launch of Service Manager for BEA AquaLogic providing Web Services Management for the BEA market-leading SOA infrastructure platform

SANTA MONICA, Calif.? September, 27 2005?SOA Software, the leading provider of comprehensive SOA and Web services management, security and governance solutions, today announced the launch of a new edition of its award-winning Service Manager product. SOA Software’s Service Manager for BEA AquaLogic is designed to provide enterprise Web services management capabilities to BEA AquaLogic, including heterogeneous endpoint and service level agreement monitoring, in-depth error handling and root cause analysis, and end-to-end auditing.

“SOA Software’s Service Manager for BEA AquaLogic product is designed to work in conjunction with AquaLogic to create a powerful SOA Infrastructure solution,” said Rob Levy, executive vice president, New Product Strategy, BEA Systems, Inc. “BEA is pleased to partner with recognized industry leaders like SOA Software to offer innovative solutions to our customers.”

Service Manager for BEA AquaLogic is designed to monitor and manage Web services deployed across distributed heterogeneous platforms. It can help create powerful performance, throughput and fault-management dashboards showing in real-time how any service mediated by AquaLogic is performing. Service Manager for BEA AquaLogic can deliver the following core capabilities for BEA AquaLogic customers:

• Service Level Agreement (SLA) monitoring and management – using an advanced policy-based model for capturing performance and usage data at each instance of a specific Web service endpoint, whatever platform the service is deployed on, and processing that captured data centrally, Service Manager can monitor, report, and act on defined service-level thresholds for individual services.
• Distributed fault management and alerting – Service Manager monitors Web services for operational faults and security violations generating instantaneous alerts at the service endpoint.  These alerts are processed centrally and can be distributed and acted upon using a wide range of proven mechanisms.
• Policy meta-data management – Service Manager integrates with a UDDIv3 registry to discover policy and service meta-data stored in its built-in meta-data repository.  It uses this meta-data to decide how to enforce policy at the service provider and implement it at the service consumer.
• End-to-end auditing – Service Manager can capture and maintain complete audit records, including optional message data, for any and all transactions executed by BEA AquaLogic.  It maintains a central database of message and performance data that provides a comprehensive audit trail for internal, or external reporting tools.

Service Manager for BEA AquaLogic is the industry’s most scalable, high-performance Web Services Management product; capable of scaling to handle more than one billion Web services messages per hour.  Based on SOA Software’s industry-leading Service Manager product family, Service Manager for BEA AquaLogic is completely standards-based, making it an ideal complement to BEA’s AquaLogic product family.

“SOA Software is strongly committed to our relationship with BEA,” said Roberto Medrano, executive vice president, SOA Software.  “The launch of Service Manager for BEA AquaLogic can provide BEA’s customers with a critical set of features they can use to move down the path to SOA.”

Service Manager for BEA AquaLogic includes:

Service Manager Console – the UDDIv3 registry enabled console is designed to provide users with a powerful individually customizable dashboard.  It can present real-time performance, usage and fault information for a set of services dynamically discovered based on advanced registry searches.

Management Point – Service Manager’s flexible and high-performance Management Points can be deployed as a standalone server or embedded into applications servers as agents.  Management Points are designed to enforce policies and collect performance, usage, and fault metrics for central processing.  They offer exceptional performance individually, and are stateless to offer proven scalability through clustering.

Alert Manager – the centralized Alert Manager is designed to collect fault, error and audit alerts from the distributed Management Points and to processes centrally stored usage and performance data to generate SLA alerts.  The Alert Manager is designed to distribute alerts via email and SNMP, and can take corrective action to dynamically adapt to local failure.

Availability and Pricing
SOA Software’s Service Manager for BEA AquaLogic is available today.  Prices start at $5k per CPU.

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