SOA Software CTO to Explain Why Cloud Requires SOA at IDC Conference Keynote

Presentation at IDC’s SOA and Beyond Conference to Discuss the Alignment of SOA and Cloud Computing

Los Angeles, Calif., March 2, 2010— SOA Software, a leading SOA and Cloud Services Governance provider, announced today that its chief technology officer, Alistair Farquharson will present a keynote address describing why successful cloud programs require SOA at IDC’s SOA and Beyond conference in London on March 24th 2010.

Mr Farquharson’s presentation discusses that while Cloud computing is rapidly becoming one of the most important parts of a company’s IT investment strategy, it cannot succeed without SOA.  Cloud computing and SOA are both highly relevant to today’s enterprise, and are also highly synergetic. This presentation uses a set of real-world examples to highlight the alignment between SOA and cloud computing initiatives, and the ways in which companies can benefit from the synergies between them with effective cloud and SOA programs and solutions.

Mr Farquharson will discuss how SOA is required by cloud initiatives in 3 main areas:

  • Planning - SOA supports the architectural patterns required to migrate existing applications to new cloud-based topologies in a process called ‘Right-shaping‘
  • Development - SOA is the best way to leverage internal and external development communities
  • Operations - SOA provides the framework within which enterprise and cloud applications and platforms can integrate for SaaS and PaaS Provisioning

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