SOA Software Breaks Performance Barrier With Service Manager v 3.0

Award-Winning Web Services Management, Security and Governance Product
Proven to Handle More than One Billion Messages Per Hour

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - June 21, 2005 - SOA Software (formerly Digital
Evolution), the leading provider of comprehensive SOA and Web services
management, security and governance solutions, today announced Service
Manager version 3.0, a major new release of its award-winning Web Services
Management product.  Service Manager version 3.0 has been proven to scale
to more than one billion messages per hour in a simulated customer

“As enterprises migrate toward a service-oriented approach to IT, they
must ensure that the underlying SOA infrastructure is capable of handling
potentially very significant numbers of critical business transactions per
minute,” said Neil Macehiter, principal and cofounder, Macehiter
Ward-Dutton.  “This demands comprehensive security and management
capabilities combined with enterprise-class scalability and performance.”
SOA Software designed and built Service Manager to ensure that it could
scale to meet the most extreme demands placed on it in enterprise

Built around an enterprise-class UDDIv3 registry, Service Manager version
3.0 adds comprehensive registry-based dashboard functionality, service
endpoint discovery, auto-management, extensive real-time charting and a
JSR168 portal framework for the user interface.

“Enterprises now implementing service-oriented architectures face the
challenge of building scalable, loosely-coupled and reusable services that
can be securely deployed and managed,” said Jason Bloomberg, senior analyst
with ZapThink.  “Service Manager is designed to secure and manage
enterprise-class SOA implementations today, while being able to scale to
meet the complex corporate IT environment of tomorrow.”

Enterprise-class Web Services Management

The SOA Software Service Manager provides a comprehensive SOA
infrastructure, delivering critical services to production enterprise SOA

Performance and Scalability

As enterprises realize the enormous benefits of their SOA, more and more
of the existing business applications will migrate to Web services and the
enterprise SOA infrastructure will need to grow accordingly.  There are
many factors that affect SOA scaling, including load-balancing, dynamic
routing, SLA management, and many more.  Enterprises must ensure that when
they deploy a solution to manage their SOA that that solution can help
their SOA scale without adversely affecting the performance of their
services and the complete platform.  The SOA Software Service Manager
offers unparalleled performance and scalability delivering a comprehensive
SOA infrastructure solution.


The SOA Software Service Manager monitors Web service and XML transactions
throughout the SOA to detect and manage errors, failures and business
alerts.  It offers industry-leading capabilities to create and manage a
self-healing SOA infrastructure with alert and event based routing
mechanisms that can detect and route around performance bottlenecks and
service failures.

SLA and Performance Monitoring and Dashboards

Enterprise operations teams need in-depth visibility into the health and
performance of their service networks.  The SOA Software Service Manager
delivers a comprehensive portlet-based performance and SLA monitoring
dashboard interface.  This UDDI registry-powered dashboard interface
dynamically determines which content to display based on combined searches
of the UDDI registry and available performance and service status data.


An enterprise SOA must guarantee that services are only accessible to
authorized, authenticated users. It must ensure the privacy of sensitive
data, and it must provide a comprehensive audit trail to meet internal and
external compliance regulations and standards.  SOA Software’s Service
Manager is the only Web services management product on the market today
that provides a complete enterprise security solution.

Loose Coupling

As SOA proliferates it is critical that enterprises maintain a strict
loose-coupling of consumers and services to avoid the extensive expense
and downtime involved in upgrading individual components or changing
policies in tightly-coupled systems.  The SOA Software Service Manager
uses a central UDDIv3 registry as a policy store to abstract service and
consumer developers from the complexity of implementing enterprise
security and management policies.

“One of the challenges that has slowed the adoption of SOA and Web
services is enterprises’ concerns over performance,” said Eric Pulier,
chairman and founder, SOA Software.  “This release clearly shows that
Service Manager leads the industry in performance and scalability and
continues to offer the only complete SOA infrastructure solution available

Availability and Pricing

SOA Software’s Service Manager v 3.0 will begin shipping in July, starting
at $5,000 per CPU.

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