SOA Software Announces Mobile Application Gateway

Accelerates Mobile Application Development by Externalizing Enterprise Applications and Services for Mobile Consumption

TechCrunch Disrupt 2013, CloudBeat 2013 – September 9th, 2013 – SOA Software, an API Management and SOA Governance leader that powers the API economy, helping businesses to fast-track API deployment, drive developer adoption, and reach more customers, announced today the launch of its new Mobile Application Gateway solution.  The Mobile Application Gateway solution accelerates mobile application development by abstracting the complexities of enterprise architecture from mobile app development.  Its features include messaging, transport and security policy mediation, orchestration between multiple backend services, rapid prototyping, and advanced security enforcement and threat protection.  All of this functionality contributes to simplifying the complex process of externalizing applications and data for mobile consumption.

“Enterprises worry about the cost and effort required to build mobile applications,” said Alistair Farquharson, CTO SOA Software.  “It’s an understandable concern, as their existing infrastructure and services were not built to be exposed to mobile devices or external developers. With the Mobile Application Gateway, we provide an easy way to connect all of those applications, data sources and services to mobile apps ensuring security, availability, and performance.”

Taking advantage of the corporate mobile app trend poses an integration challenge.  Traditional API Gateways focus on service security but leave customers wanting for mediation (SOAP to REST etc), orchestration, integration with a host of other native/proprietary protocols, and the ability to quickly adapt their APIs to a constantly evolving internal services and applications environment, without breaking mobile apps or requiring frequent updates to mobile Apps.  We specifically designed the SOA Software Mobile Application Gateway solution to address this kind of demanding integration through a comprehensive yet intuitive platform that is easy to deploy and available both in the cloud and on-premise:

  • Mediation  - Mediate between APIs and existing or new services, message queue, platform-specific protocols such as Microsoft Net.TCP and IBM WebSphere MQ or proprietary security protocols such Kerberos
  • Rapid, flexible integration – Unique server side scripting capability enables use of common scripting languages, such as JavaScript, to define additional customizations to transform or enrich APIs.
  • Delivering engaging mobile experience - Transparent caching and pagination to optimize the user experience for mobile apps
  • Mobile app security – Provide key management, OAuth, OpenID support and mobile SSO support to protect corporate data without compromising the mobile user experience. It also provides data, transport and message level security, threat protection and prevention and a wide array of security policies for the API publisher to ensure data protection and prevent unauthorized access.

Overall, the SOA Software Mobile Application Gateway reduces the time and cost across the lifecycle of the mobile app and the API, ensuring that they are built in line with business requirements and that the various apps and APIs all remain in sync across multiple versions. It enables enterprises to manage the entire process of designing, developing, deploying, versioning and retiring mobile apps and APIs.  It provides visibility into APIs, services and other software assets, how they interrelate and how each fits into a company’s business and technical landscape.

For more information on SOA Software’s Mobile Application Gateway solution click here.

About SOA Software SOA Software is a leading provider of API Management and SOA Governance products that enable organizations to plan, build, run and share enterprise services and APIs.  Some of the world’s largest companies including Bank of America, Pfizer, and Verizon use SOA Software products to harness the power of their technology and transform their businesses.  SOA Software is also recognized as a “Leader” by Gartner in Application Services Governance MQ and by Forrester Research Waves for Integrated SOA Governance, SOA Management, and SOA Life Cycle Management. For a list of other awards please go here. For more information on SOA Software’s API Platform, see

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