SOA Software Announces Industry’s First Registry Independent SOA Infrastructure Product Suite

Partners Flashline, Infravio, LogicLibrary and Systinet validate this approach signaling the next phase in enterprise SOA adoption

SANTA MONICA, Calif.—March 13th, 2006—SOA Software, the leading provider of comprehensive SOA and Web services management, security and run-time governance solutions, today announced the industry’s first registry independent SOA infrastructure product suite.  This announcement is validated by industry leading registry vendors, Flashline, Infravio, LogicLibrary and Systinet, a division of Mercury Interactive Corporation.

This announcement is indicative of the rapid maturing of the enterprise SOA market and in particular the adoption of UDDI-based registries as a fundamental building block.  As large enterprises expand their SOA, UDDI registries like those provided by our partners, are becoming a ubiquitous part of SOA governance solutions.

“SOA management solutions provide a fundamental foundation for run-time governance of enterprise SOA, and when integrated with registries, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts,” said Anne Thomas Manes, vice president and research director at Burton Group. “Registries can use SOA management solutions to help manage the service provisioning process, and SOA management solutions can use registries to maintain information about managed services and to learn about new services that need to be provisioned and managed.”

SOA Software offers comprehensive SOA management, Mainframe Web services and B2B Web services security products.  Service Manager, SOLA and XML VPN all offer unique integration with UDDIv3 registry products.  They all connect directly to the registry as a service repository without requiring their own proprietary service database.  This direct connection avoids inefficient, non-scalable synchronization to ensure a truly enterprise-class solution.

“We’re glad to see SOA Software offer a registry-independent platform to customers in the rapidly growing SOA market. Flashline’s leading registry/repository for SOA governance easily interoperates with SOA Software’s products through UDDIv3,” said Cathy Lippert, vice president of product management at Flashline. “This allows us to bring the enterprise-spanning capabilities of Flashline’s comprehensive SOA repository to our joint customers. We’re providing reuse analytics, portfolio investment prioritization and architecture alignment, which are all necessary for a successful SOA transformation.”

“We welcome a partnership with SOA Software. In this maturing market, customers want a complete governance solution which enforces policies across design-time, run-time and change-time lifecycle stages, and across multiple organizational boundaries,” said Miko Matsumura, vice president of technology standards at Infravio.  “This is a large requirements stack. Specialization and partnership has enabled Infravio to focus 100 person-years of product development towards building the best unified governance registry repository in the market.”

“SOA Software’s independent SOA infrastructure suite is an important step in the evolution of SOA technology,” said Alan Himler, vice president of product marketing and management at LogicLibrary.  “The success of an enterprise’s SOA is based upon the ability of that architecture and its underlying implementations to meet critical business objectives. The combination of SOA Software’s operational infrastructure suite and LogicLibrary’s SOA design-time governance solution is the most effective way for organizations to achieve their business goals.”

“A standards-based registry is a key requirement for SOA governance,” said Jake Sorofman, vice president of product marketing at Systinet, a division of Mercury Interactive Corporation. “Systinet Registry is a core component of Systinet 2, the most complete SOA governance and lifecycle management platform, providing a trusted ‘system of record’ and a complete set of capabilities for establishing the visibility, control, quality and trust critical to SOA success. We are excited to continue to work with SOA Software to offer comprehensive solutions to our joint customers.”

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