SOA Software Announces Industry First ESB Federation Product

Company delivers product that provides complete SOA infrastructure services to ESB platforms from multiple vendors

Los Angeles, Calif.—June 19, 2006—SOA Software, the leading provider of comprehensive SOA and Web services management, security, mediation and run-time governance solutions, announced the availability of the industry’s first ESB Federation product.  The company is combining technology from its Service Manager™ product with the Network Director™ technology it recently acquired with Blue Titan to deliver a new Network Director product that ensures interoperability and policy compliance for ESB products from multiple vendors.

Industry analysts agree that large enterprises will inevitably have multiple different ESBs from different vendors deployed in production.  SOA Software’s ESB Federation solution ensures that these disparate platforms enforce and implement centrally defined policies, and that they can seamlessly interoperate to provide a reliable, high-performance, secure messaging environment.

“Enterprise Services Buses have been painted as the sole infrastructure solution necessary to implement Service-Oriented Architectures,” said Ronald Schmelzer, ZapThink, LLC. “However, the reality is that ESBs represent only one type of additional infrastructure that must be integrated if they are implemented in a disparate, proprietary fashion. By building a mechanism by which companies can federate and consolidate their disparate ESB implementations, SOA Software is aiming to bring the industry closer to the vision of truly loosely-coupled, composable and abstracted services that move us away from integrating islands of IT functionality.”

SOA Software partners with the leading ESB vendors, and expects this announcement to strengthen these relationships, as this new Network Director product will promote more rapid adoption of ESB platforms in large enterprise customers.

This announcement serves to further highlight the value proposition of SOA Software’s acquisition of Blue Titan.

“Our vision is to provide a set of common infrastructure services to a federated ecosystem of intermediaries,” said Frank Martinez, executive vice president of SOA Software.  “Network Director’s powerful mediation capabilities, combined with the management, security and governance features of Service Manager creates a formidable SOA infrastructure that enables true ESB Federation.  This product will enable large enterprises to maximize their investments in the advanced technologies provided by the leading platform vendors.”

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