SOA Software Offers DataPower Users an Alternative to WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

Replacement program offers easy upgrade for existing WSRR customers

Las Vegas, NV – 28th April, 2014– SOA Software, an API Management and SOA Governance leader, today announced at IBM Impact 2014 that it is offering a replacement program for users of IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR).  TThe replacement program includes a limited time credit to customers for their WSRR purchase. SOA Software’s SOA Governance and API management solutions simplify DataPower management and create an easy way to deploy and manage services on DataPower.  Replacing WSRR with SOA Software provides customers with out of the box functionality, a reduction in time and expense for managing services on DataPower, simpler adoption of API management on DataPower, and better analytics.

“Compared to using WSRR, SOA Software helps enterprises handle web services and APIs on DataPower in less time, and reduces recurring costs for managing a gateway infrastructure” said Roberto Medrano, Executive Vice President at SOA Software.  “With SOA Software you can deploy and manage a service or an API on DataPower in less than 10 minutes, freeing your resources to focus on more business value creating tasks. We’re offering a set of ready-to-go services management features that keep things streamlined and simple.”

SOA Software’s tools for managing web services and APIs on DataPower offer a complete lifecycle and runtime governance solution out-of-the-box.  With SOA Software, customers can actually provision services right onto DataPower, versus relying on a dedicated DataPower profession to first create a proxy and then configure it on WSRR V6 and V7. SOA Software’s out of the box, preset but configurable governance of the service lifecycle reduces the time required to manage services, versus first creating a proxy and then configuring it on WSRR V6 and V7. This process typically requires a dedicated DataPower professional. SOA Software’s preset but configurable governance of the service lifecycle reduces the time required to manage services.

The switch to SOA Software from WSRR offers a number of other benefits, including making it easier to transition into API management. WSRR is not fully integrated with IBM API Management. In contrast, SOA Software provides users with a portfolio view of all services and APIs they manage on DataPower. Unlike WSRR, SOA Software offers in-depth analytics of service and API lifecycle and health at runtime. In addition, IBM customers moving to WebSphere version 8 will face a potentially difficult transition to WSRR 8.5. From SOA Software’s perspective, it’s an opportune time to consider switching.

SOA Software provides complete end-to-end lifecycle management for APIs and services from planning through production with easy configuration. Rather than getting locked into a proprietary governance framework, SOA Software provides a flexible framework based on industry best practices, allowing customers to quickly get up and running, irrespective of their maturity level.

For more information on SOA Software’s WSRR Replacement Program, click here.

About SOA Software
SOA Software is a leading provider of API Management and SOA Governance products that equip business to deliver APIs and SOA together to drive their company to meet its business strategy quickly and effectively. SOA Software’s technology helps businesses to accelerate their digital channels with APIs, drive partner adoption, monetize their assets, and achieve agility and operational excellence across their applications and datacenters. Some of the world’s largest companies including Bank of America, Pfizer, and Verizon use SOA Software products.  SOA Software is also recognized as a “Leader” by Gartner in Application Services Governance MQ and as a leader by other analyst firms. For more information on SOA Software’s API Platform, see

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