Healthdirect Australia Delivers Anywhere Access to Health Data

Akana’s API Gateway running on Amazon Cloud publishes APIs for multi-channel access

LOS ANGELES, CA – August 26th, 2014 – SOA Software, an API Management and SOA Governance leader, announced today that its API Management solution enables Healthdirect Australia to deliver access to health data anywhere in Australia.  Healthdirect Australia produces the digital National Health Services Directory (NHSD), a comprehensive directory of services including doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and emergency departments.  The data must be available anytime, anywhere throughout Australia to the numerous agency websites that require it. To make this happen, Healthdirect Australia uses the SOA Software API Management platform to republish its SOAP services as REST APIs for consumption by widgets and other applications.

“Healthdirect was in a classic data distribution bind faced by many large organizations,” said Roberto Medrano, EVP of SOA Software.  “They needed to make data available anywhere, on any device or client context with RESTful APIs, but the data itself could be found on SOAP services that would have been cost-prohibitive to replace.  We’ve helped make the SOAP to REST connection very economical with our API Gateway.”

Healthdirect Australia provides access to health information to Australians by procuring and managing telephone health services, developing and managing health information services, and working with State and Federal health departments to improve health outcomes. One of the services provided by Healthdirect Australia is the National Health Services Directory (NHSD), a comprehensive, up-to-date national directory of health services and provider information including doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and emergency departments anytime, anywhere throughout Australia.  Systemic users include all the State and Territory health departments, Medicare Locals, Local Hospital Networks and many others. End users need to be able to access the NHSD through many different channels including websites and mobile apps.

”The APIs have allowed us to securely share our data with our partners and citizens,” said Anton Donker, Chief Information Officer for Healthdirect.  “Not only did we transform existing SOAP services and made them available as REST APIs, but SOA Software’s API Management solution also ensured that any future protocols beyond REST would be taken care of with the new infrastructure, enabling us to support newer generations of mobile and health care devices.

It was a major challenge for the NHSD to make the information available to any number and type of data consumers.  To get the kind of flexible, compliant, and economical provisioning of data access widgets to multiple web and mobile clients, Healthdirect first exposed its back-end database as SOAP services. Then, they published the services through SOA Software’s API Gateway as REST endpoints that could be consumed by a JavaScript based widget.  The widgets invoke REST APIs on SOA Software’s API Gateway to make calls to the backend directory application. To satisfy rigorous security requirements, SOA Software’s API Gateway platform was installed in a private cloud infrastructure managed by Healthdirect Australia that uses Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Healthcare is undergoing a digital revolution with electronic patient records, and diagnostic devices and sensors that can be worn at all times and are connected with each other. APIs are critical to enable this digital transformation of healthcare, wherein patient and health care service information can be securely but freely exchanged between the stakeholders and digital systems. SOA Software is helping healthcare providers and agencies all across the world with the technical enablers to provide better and more effective healthcare services.

To read the full Healthdirect case study, click here.

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