SOA Software Extends Mainframes Applications to the API Economy

Extends Mainframe applications as APIs for consumption within Mobile, Cloud and Web Applications

Los Angeles, CA – 21st January 2014  – SOA Software, an API Management and SOA Governance leader that powers the API economy, today announced that its Lifecycle Manager product supports API management on the mainframe.  This advance effectively creates a “RESTful Mainframe,” with robust governance of REST APIs that front zOS-based web services.  As APIs mature and gain mainstream adoption, they are converging with SOA from a governance perspective and this new advance provides customers with a unified platform to manage both APIs as well as existing SOA assets.

Applying development governance to mainframe assets helps enterprises overcome the significant architectural challenges inherent in bringing legacy systems into the API Economy, where mobile apps need rapid, agile access to backend systems. Now, with support for the mainframe, Lifecycle Manager can be the system of record for all enterprise assets including mainframe-based SOAP services and RESTful APIs that expose legacy software functionality. This capability gives enterprise stakeholders seamless access to service discovery and impact analysis whether on mainframe, distributed system or partner system.  Architects and developers will now be able to map dependencies between APIs and mainframe assets at the development stage and manage those APIs across their full lifecycles.

“For many organizations, including some of our largest clients, the mainframe is very much part of the RESTful API landscape,” said Brent Carlson, SVP of SOA Software.  “With this new functionality in Lifecycle Manager, we are offering mainframe owners a way to effectively execute a mainframe API management strategy.”

SOA Software’s Lifecycle Manager governs the development and use of APIs, services and other software assets across an enterprise’s IT environments, providing a clear view into how each fits into that enterprise’s business and technical landscape. By establishing a comprehensive context for assessing existing software assets and guiding the development of new ones, Lifecycle Manager serves to extend an enterprise’s IT capabilities as APIs so they’re accessible and usable in mobile, cloud and web application by enterprise customers and partners. Leveraging a built-in repository, Lifecycle Manager enables management across all the life stages of an API, i.e. from planning and designing to developing, operating, maintaining and retiring the APIs.

SOA Software brought mainframes into enterprise SOA by creating a SOAP stack on CICS and IMS.  The new Lifecycle Manager features are based on integration and experience with large customers using mainframes. Making RESTful APIs work on the mainframe can be done with Lifecycle Manager either through a “Bottom Up” or “Top Down” approach.  With the former, there is a service wrapping of existing mainframe programs (e.g., a Service WSDL generated by SOLA). In the top-down approach, there is a “WSDL First” approach to designing web services and then developing programs on mainframe to implement them.

SOA Software’s API Management Solution is the most comprehensive on the market today. It is a secure, robust platform that companies can use to share and manage their APIs with the growing app developer community, their partners, and customers. The platform manages, monitors and secures APIs, ensuring that these APIs deliver the level of service customers and partners require; that corporate and customer information and assets are secure; and that the integrity of the corporate brand is protected.

For more information on Lifecycle Manager, click here.

About SOA Software
SOA Software is a leading provider of API Management and SOA Governance products that equip business to deliver APIs and SOA together to drive their company to meet its business strategy quickly and effectively. SOA Software’s technology helps businesses to accelerate their digital channels with APIs, drive partner adoption, monetize their assets, and achieve agility and operational excellence across their applications and datacenters. Some of the world’s largest companies including Bank of America, Pfizer, and Verizon use SOA Software products.  SOA Software is also recognized as a “Leader” by Gartner in Application Services Governance MQ and as a leader by other analyst firms. For more information on SOA Software’s API Platform, see

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