Webinar - SOA and Open Source: How to Reduce Costs, Increase Agility and Gain Greater ROI

Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) hold tremendous promise for reduced costs and increased agility for state and local government organizations. But how you implement SOA will determine whether or not you achieve your goals. Struggling with heavyweight, complex, and expensive proprietary SOA platforms can quickly sap any potential ROI gains.

Designed to accelerate agency process execution within and across enterprises, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform can help enable greater performance more simply, openly, and cost-effectively than proprietary SOA platforms. In addition to choosing the right SOA platform, it’s also critical to have a plan in place for SOA Governance in order to reach your ROI goals. To that end, Akana‚Äôs products provide Unified Governance Automation for the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform. This allows customers to confidently use JBoss products as part of a heterogeneous enterprise SOA environment sharing services with other commercial SOA platforms like Microsoft, IBM WebSphere, SAP NetWeaver, BEA, and Oracle, as well as other open source providers.

Featured Speakers:

  • Ian Goldsmith, Vice President, Product Management, Akana
  • Tim Garza, CIO, DWR
  • Ashesh Badani, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Middleware, Red Hat

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