Webinar - Best Practices for SOA Governance

Join Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Governance industry leader Akana as he discusses how customers are driving efficiency and agility, and are readying themselves for the cloud with service-oriented architecture initiatives.  Alistair will describe how some of the world’s largest companies are benefiting from effectively planning, building and operating their SOA environments. He details how automated SOA governance helps enterprises more effectively leverage SOA to increase business output while slashing their SOA spending. Alistair will show you how F1000s are benefiting from a new agile and full-featured approach for SOA governance and federation that readily fits into their ‘any-to-any’ heterogeneous environments. By joining us for this presentation you will:

  • Discover best practices for automating unified SOA governance
  • Cloud Computing and SOA
  • Links between agile development and cloud computing around Platform-as-a service initiatives
  • Learn the “agile” approach to end-to-end governance, policy compliance, and control
  • Best Practices for design, launch and test of SOA Governance and Management
  • Get enterprise architecture tips to speed launch time, improve alignment with the business, and ease ‘on-the-fly’ updates
  • Uncover powerful customer solutions
  • Control SOA costs (via faster design and deployment, better testing, avoid duplicate services, improve reuse, etc.)
  • Ensure end-to-end SLAs, security, and policy compliance
  • Automate contract and policy management (with provisioning, access control, etc.)

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