Migrate to an Industry-Leading API Management Platform

Feeling abandoned lately by Layer 7? Top organizations need an API management vendor that understands and supports their initiatives.

Are you using Layer 7 (formerly “CA Layer 7” and “CA API Management from Broadcom”) and frustrated by the constraints of their API portal?

Is your business struggling to automate the application of policies for your APIs or promotion of APIs via your CI/CD process?

Do you wish the Layer 7 platform offered a full-lifecycle API platform, and not just a gateway? And what is Layer 7 offering for product support?

We can help. Come join a recognized leader in API management. With the Akana QuickStart package, we can switch Layer 7 customers to our platform for just $60k annually, with 30-days time to benefit.

Extra Incentives:

  • Move from Layer 7 to Akana = $20k implementation fee waived
  • Commit to 2 years = pay $55k annually
  • Commit to 3 years = pay $50k annually

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Forrester API Management Solutions

What Analysts Say About Akana vs. Layer 7

In their most recent API Management Solutions report, Forrester Wave ranked Akana (listed as "Rogue Wave Software") in the “Leaders” category overall, and the only vendor to receive a perfect score of 5.0 (out of 5.0) for user portal and security.

Forrester states, "Akana has particularly strong API security and policy capabilities and good breadth across most all of our evaluation criteria. Its API user portal is among the most configurable and extensible."

Meanwhile, Forrester deemed Broadcom’s offering to be a tier below the “Leaders”, placing it among the “Strong Performers." The report gave mostly 3.0 scores to Layer 7 across the 26 criteria, and a strikingly low score of 1.8 for “User Engagement.”

Similarly, in the latest 2019 Magic Quadrant from Gartner, Broadcom was dropped from a “Leader” to a “Niche Player." Gartner cautions customers about a notable change to the vendor’s service and support.

Why Akana?

Akana is more than just a gateway. Our enterprise-scale platform comes with industry-leading security, end-to-end lifecycle management, and simple implementation with world-class ongoing support. With Akana, it’s easy to:

  • Market your APIs through a branded API portal
  • Publish and document your APIs 
  • Establish security policies and automate their implementation across all of your APIs
  • Build a community of developers around your APIs
Developer Portal

Akana’s World-Class Support

With some API management providers, if you aren’t a Fortune 1000 company, you may be on your own for product support. No matter the size of your business, you still have the same support needs. Akana customers enjoy world-class support from a dedicated team of Akana API management experts.