SAP SOA Governance

Akana’s Powered by SAP NetWeaver certified products provide Unified SOA Governance Automation for SAP Enterprise SOA with NetWeaver.  This allows customers to confidently use SAP NetWeaver products as part of a heterogeneous enterprise SOA environment sharing services with other commercial SOA platforms like IBM WebSphere, Microsoft, BEA, and Oracle, as well as RedHat and other open source providers.

SAP NetWeaver customers add Akana’s Unified SOA Governance Automation solution to SAP Enterprise SOA with NetWeaver to:

  • Ensure that services they identify, design and build using their NetWeaver products are relevant and consumable to applications they design, build and deploy using other technologies like Microsoft and IBM
  • Make services they expose from applications running on NetWeaver products visible to and compliant with enterprise policies defined, enforced and audited across other platforms; and make services they design and build using other platforms like Microsoft and open source environments visible to and compliant with enterprise policies defined, enforced and audited across by their NetWeaver applications
  • Promote, ensure and formalize consistent alignment between demand from service consumers and the supply of services through Consumer Contract Provisioning

Akana’s platform-independent Unified SOA Governance Automation solution promotes the use of best-practices throughout an enterprise SOA program regardless of where services and consumers are planned, designed, built, deployed and operated.  Portfolio Manager, Repository Manager, Service Manager, and Policy Manager integrate seamlessly with development and runtime products from most commercial platforms including SAP, Microsoft, IBM and BEA, as well as RedHat and other open source providers.  They offer deep integration with the SAP NetWeaver Business Process Platform components including: Exchange Infrastructure (XI), Process Integration (PI), Composition Environment (CE), Enterprise Services Repository and Registry (ESR) and the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (WebAS).

Akana’s products have achieved Powered by NetWeaver, and SAP Solution Manager ready certification.


Unified SOA Governance for SAP

SAP does not focus on SOA Governance, although it does offer a Service Repository and Registry in its SOA product portfolio.  The SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Service Repository and Registry is platform optimized for the SAP NetWeaver product family, and is extended by an enterprise Unified SOA Governance Automation solution.

SAP customers are adding Akana’s Portfolio Manager, Repository Manager, Service Manager, and Policy Manager to provide Unified SOA Governance Automation for their SAP Enterprise SOA solutions implemented with NetWeaver to provide a number of solutions:

  • Uniform lifecycle and policy governance across existing platform investments
  • Lifecycle Management workflow to implement building permit process
  • Ensure interoperability with other platforms
  • Seamless, heterogeneous SOA Governance, Security and Management integration with SAP Middleware infrastructure
  • Performance and reliability management
  • Interoperability across disparate partners and platforms
  • Unified provisioning and lifecycle management
  • Inter-departmental consumer contract provisioning and negotiation
  • Standards support for Governance automation (UDDIv3, WS-MEX)
  • Trust enablement and trust mediation

Akana’s products support and promote common Unified SOA Governance best practices, and enable the consistent execution of these best practices with the SAP NetWeaver platforms.  They offer the added benefit that there is no requirement to introduce another non-SAP platform in order to support the required architecture.

Using Portfolio Manager, Repository Manager, Service Manager, and Policy Manager Akana certifies SAP’s products as Governed Service Platforms, or in the case of ESR, a Governed Service Repository.  Certified Governed Service Platform status means that customers can be confident that their platforms will preserve the fidelity of the governance models, structures and mechanisms supporting an enterprise SOA program. 

Akana’s products offer a comprehensive Unified SOA Governance Automation solution for SAP:

SAP Product Akana Added Value
SAP Enterprise Service Repository Consistent, heterogeneous, Governance Processes & Workflow Governance Federation
SAP NetWeaver Application Server Policy enforcement, implementation, and auditing
SAP Business Suite Policy and service lifecycle management Configuration and monitoring integration Dynamic policy discovery, implementation, binding, and endpoint resolution
SAP GRC Governance Federation, Dynamic policy enforcement and monitoring

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