Product Update

Through the first half of 2009 we have launched 3 new products, and have announced the certification of our product family on the SAP Platform.

New products:

  • Portfolio Manager
  • SOLA for IMS
  • Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower


  • SAP Solution Manager ready
  • Powered by SAP NetWeaver

Portfolio Manager

In early January Akana announced the launch of Portfolio Manager, the industry’s first SOA Planning Governance product.  Portfolio Manager allows us to offer a comprehensive SOA Governance automation solution that spans all stages of the enterprise service lifecycle from identification and analysis, through the design, development and testing phases, into production, versioning and deprecation.

To help ensure the success of their SOA Programs, and ultimately their business, large enterprises need to make sure that they build the right services, build them the right way, and ensure that they are behaving right.  Akana’s Governance products implement a single state-machine and share a common meta-model to provide a seamless governance process ensuring the fidelity of governance models, structures and processes across the entire enterprise lifecycle.  They leverage a single common policy infrastructure, provided by Policy Manager, to ensure the application of consistent, uniform policies.


In May we launched our market leading mainframe SOA solution SOLA for IMS transactions.

SOLA is a comprehensive mainframe Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution that cost effectively makes mainframe applications part of an SOA.  SOLA provides customers with a fast and easy process to expose mainframe applications as secure Web Services, and allows mainframe applications to consume Web Services.  Using SOLA, customers can leverage billions of dollars of existing mainframe investments when building an enterprise SOA.  The SOLA runtime environment runs entirely on the mainframe, eliminating the need for expensive, unreliable and unnecessary middleware. This coupled with SOLA’s Development Studio vastly increases developer productivity, providing faster time to market and lower application development cost.  The combination of a highly optimized runtime, no middleware and improved productivity provide the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the industry.

SOLA’s high performance and low CPU overhead enable customers to run the world’s largest mainframe SOA implementations in the most cost effective manner.  SOLA is the only product proven in enterprise implementations to handle high volume (10 million+) transactions per day in mission-critical mainframe SOA environments.

With this release, the SOLA Developer and the SOLA runtime now support multiple IMS input and output segments, and the IMS transactions being service enabled can be written in COBOL, PL/I or Natural.  IMS transactions can also be service consumers by using SOLA’s highly efficient outbound engine.

SOLA IMS is heavily optimized, making it the most efficient option for processing IMS transactions.  It offers multiple configurations to provide low cost execution of services built from IMS transactions.  Much of SOLA is written in assembler language, so the SOLA runtime offers lower MIPS consumption and higher throughput than alternatives that use Java and rely on zAAP specialty engines.

With SOLA’s support of BPEL, IMS transactions can participate in service orchestration, vastly reducing the latency caused by multiple trips to the mainframe.
Additionally, SOLA offers a Customizable Dictionary to convert Program Variables to Business Terms, enforcing corporate standards.  SOLA is a Governed Service Platform, making it fully governable by Akana products like Portfolio Manager, Policy Manager, Repository Manager, and Service Manager.
Innovative SOLA features such as One-Click service creation and an easy to use drag-and-drop interface deliver the only secure, standards-based and governable SOA product in the mainframe industry.  SOLA provides mainframe end-to-end governance with WS-Security, WS-Policy, mainframe optimized registry, integrated monitoring, logging, auditing and near limitless scalability, all implemented on the mainframe.  This makes SOLA the only solution for companies seeking secure, high-volume, mission-critical mainframe SOA. For more information on mainframe SOA for IMS or CICS, please visit

Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower

At the beginning of May we announced the availability of Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower.  This product provides centralized policy definition and service monitoring for DataPower appliances, allowing customers to easily use their existing DataPower deployments to virtualize enterprise services for high-availability, load-balancing, and offloading of costly XML and security processing.

Akana’s deep integration with IBM WebSphere DataPower appliances provides customers with the ability to control the DataPower Appliance directly from the Policy Manager console, without the need to duplicate configuration manually. This provides customers with a ‘one-click’ management strategy leveraging DataPower as the runtime and Akana’s Policy Manager as the source of service and policy information as well as the reporting console for the monitoring data. Akana’s Policy Manager is unique in its ability to manage the catalog of services, drive policy definition and distribution, and collect and display monitoring data for the DataPower devices.  It allows customers to implement and enforce consistent, uniform policies throughout their infrastructure, and provides visibility into enterprise service usage, performance, and availability from network edge to application.

Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower can provide operational governance capabilities supporting Akanas’ Portfolio Manager and Repository Manager solutions for planning and development governance.  This helps ensure the fidelity of governance models, processes and structures throughout the enterprise service lifeycle.

Policy Manager for IBM WebSphere DataPower allows customers to:

  • Utilize DataPower as part of a unified governance automation solution
  • Centrally define policies and apply them to services distributed across multiple DataPower appliances
  • Manage a cluster of DataPower appliances as a single entity
  • Gain visibility into service and appliance performance, individual messages, and business transactions from a single administration console
  • Monitor and enforce SLAs for services distributed across a cluster of appliances generating alerts for faults, performance issues, and security violations
  • Easily publish virtual services into DataPower appliances leveraging the performance and security capabilities of the appliance for enterprise service federation

SAP Certification

Also in early May we announced that our Policy Manager and Service Manager solutions have achieved SAP certification as powered by the SAP NetWeaver® technology platform.

Through these certifications, these solutions have been proven to integrate with SAP solutions, allowing customers to confidently deploy Akana’s products alongside SAP NetWeaver in the following ways:

  • To help ensure that services identified, designed and built using SAP solutions are relevant and consumable to applications designed, built and deployed using other platforms, technologies and products.
  • To make services exposed from applications running on SAP solutions visible to and compliant with enterprise policies defined, enforced and audited across other platforms; and make services designed and built using other platforms like Microsoft .NET, WCF and Oslo and open source environments visible to and compliant with enterprise policies defined, enforced and audited across by their SAP NetWeaver-based applications.
  • To promote, ensure and formalize consistent alignment between demand from service consumers and the supply of services through Consumer Contract Provisioning.

Akana’s platform-independent Unified SOA Governance Automation solution promotes the use of best-practices across all platforms throughout an enterprise SOA program. Akana Policy Manager and Akana Service Manager integrate with development and runtime products from most commercial platforms from vendors including SAP, Microsoft, IBM and Oracle, as well as RedHat and other open source providers.  These certified solutions from Akana offer integration with the SAP NetWeaver technology platform, including the SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE), Enterprise Services Repository (ES Repository) and the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (SAP NetWeaver AS).

Akana Product Suite

Akana’s Portfolio Manager™, Repository Manager™, Policy Manager™, and Service Manager™ combine to form a comprehensive Integrated SOA Governance Automation solution, with SOLA™ providing a governable Mainframe SOA platform.

Portfolio Manager™ is an innovative Planning Governance product that helps ensure the alignment of SOA Programs with strategic IT investment and business objectives and makes sure that enterprises build the right services at the right time.  It helps customers identify candidate services and build an SOA roadmap through SOA Modeling, Asset Identification, and a Portfolio Management process.  To achieve these goals Portfolio Manager functions as part of a unified SOA Governance automation suite with seamless integration with Repository Manager™ and Policy Manager™.

Repository Manager™ provides an advanced software development asset (SDA) repository, lifecycle management, and metadata federation solution.  It governs leading development platforms, ensuring consistent definition and management of services and other assets across all development environments.  Repository Manager supports advanced SDA repository and governance capabilities including the ability to define and manage custom asset and artifact types, asset relationship management, integrated development environment (IDE) integration, and comprehensive asset federation.  It integrates seamlessly with Policy Manager where policy decisions are required in the Development Governance process, as well as provisions service consumption agreements made by developers to Policy Manager for further governance.  Repository Manager supports application development and architecture teams, providing a comprehensive Development Governance solution.

Service Manager™ automatically implements and enforces policies from Policy Manager.  It generates usage, performance and policy compliance metrics that it reports to Policy Manager so that it can audit that policies are being enforced in a closed-loop process.  Service Manager support SOA and enterprise operational management functions, ensuring that services are security, reliable, and meet the performance goals for each consumer.

Policy Manager™ provides an SOA Registry/Repository and comprehensive SOA Policy Governance solution, with powerful governance automation capabilities.  Governance automation minimizes the overhead associated with governance processes, and turns governance from a painful workload, into a productivity tool.  Policy Manager includes a built-in policy and service metadata repository supporting its policy governance processes.  Policy Manager supports enterprise and SOA architecture functions, ensuring consistent application of policies throughout an enterprise SOA program.  Using this solution architects, developers, security administrators, and operations managers can define and govern policies that are applied to services throughout the appropriate stages of their lifecycle.

We also recently announced SOLA™ 6.0 which provides mainframe programmers with an intuitive portal for readily exposing and consuming Web services from CICS applications.  SOLA’s runtime is entirely host-based and is optimized to deliver exceptional performance to minimize the cost of leveraging Web services on the mainframe.  For more information please see the press release.

Repository Manager, Policy Manager, and Service Manager together deliver an Integrated SOA Governance automation solution that ensures that companies build the right services, build services right, and run services right.