SOLA - Mainframe SOA - Enterprise SOA

Enterprise SOA is more than just a jigsaw puzzle

As important as the essential components of enterprise SOA are, they are a single dimension of a more complex issue.  SOLA was designed from the ground up to address the entire spectrum of mainframe SOA issues.

Solid Foundation:  building a successful mainframe SOA must start with a solid foundation.  The 9 essential components of enterprise SOA make for a good beginning, but SOLA goes far beyond.

Human Assets:  what good is leveraging technology assets if you ignore human assets?  SOLA tasks the right people with the right jobs.

  • Mainframe developers expose mainframe applications as services
  • Distributed developers incorporate services into composite applications
  • Training, development and support costs can far exceed the cost of the solution itself

Scalability and Adaptability:  a good solution should be flexible; it should be able to adapt to just about anyone’s enterprise standards, no matter how strict, and allow for unhindered growth.  SOLA is standards-based and built for the enterprise.  As its run time is entirely mainframe based, it inherits the mainframe’s legendary scalability and fault tolerance.

Streamlined Infrastructure:  you shouldn’t have to integrate your integration.  A streamlined and efficient infrastructure reduces complexity and increases reliability.  It can also help lower costs due to standardization and simplified support.  SOLA was designed for optimum efficiency, from its mainframe run time to its batch support and ultra efficient parser, SOLA eliminates the “plumbing” that can handicap other solutions. It is also this efficiency that helps make SOLA the fastest and most cost effective product in the space.

Development:  the development tool is the interface between the tool and the people that get the job done.  SOLA’s development environment is as easy to use as it is powerful.  Web services can be created in minutes with no programming or training required.  The development environment runs in a browser and features powerful web 2.0 capabilities such as drag and drop, tab based workspaces and dynamic indexed searches.  Because it is browser based, there is no workstation software to install and older workstations can be leveraged (attention to human assets and cost effectiveness at work).

Governance:  industry experts believe that governance is the single most important issue facing the fledgling SOA community.  From diagnosing production outages to managing changes and meeting SLAs, governance is a non negotiable requirement in a viable SOA.  A solution has to either be governable by a third party tool or incorporate strong governance capabilities.  SOLA does both.  With WS-Security, WS-Policy, integrated monitoring, logging and auditing, and many more built in governance features, SOLA provides a comprehensive collection of governance and lifecycle management capabilities.  SOLA is also fully governable; its standards based design lends itself to simple and cost effective integration with third party governance solutions.