Webinar - Avoid the SOA Pitfalls that Prevent ROI

Service Oriented Architectures hold tremendous promise for reduced costs and increased agility. But how you implement SOA will determine whether or not you achieve your goals. Struggling with heavyweight, complex, and expensive proprietary SOA platforms can quickly sap any potential ROI gains. The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is the first comprehensive open source SOA offering to integrate enterprise service bus, business process management and rules engine technology into a single platform. Designed to accelerate business process execution within and across enterprises, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform can help enable greater business performance more simply, openly and cost-effectively than proprietary SOA platforms.

In addition to choosing the right SOA platform, it’s also critical to have a plan in place for SOA Governance in order to reach your ROI goals. Akana works closely with the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform to provide comprehensive SOA Governance capabilities. The Akana certification of JBoss Enterprise SOA platform as a Governed Service Platform ensures that customers can preserve the benefits of their Integrated SOA Governance Automation solution when deploying the best-in-class open source SOA platform as a governable constituent within an enterprise SOA program.

Attendees will gain insight into:

  • How to solve business and technical problems with open source SOA technology
  • Overview of JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform capabilities
  • SOA Governance Strategies and Best Practices
  • Benefits of governance associated with TCO and quality assurance
  • Steps to put a plan for SOA governance into place

Featured Speakers:

  • Frank Martinez Executive Vice President, Product Strategy, Akana
  • Pierre Fricke Director of Product Management, JBoss SOA Products, JBoss

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