The instructions below outline what is required for the Policy Manager On-Line Training Course

The course will be given using Webex. You will be provided a dial-in number and conference ID. International dial in numbers will be provided.

In addition, you will need the following:

1.  A browser to access the Policy Manager (this will run on port 80, so there should not be any restrictions).  However, if you are using a proxy, please make sure you can get out of your network.  You should be able to see the Policy Manager login screen by using this URL: or You can also access them using the hostnames: or You will be notified of the instance you will be using.

2.  To invoke the services we will be using during the hands-on portion of the class, you will need to download SOAPUI and install it.  You can use the free version that is available from

3.  The training material can be downloaded from the download section of the SupportSite, under the OnLineTraining_6 folder.