API Management - Transform Business Potential

Fast-track API Deployment.  Drive Developer Adoption.  Reach More Customers.  Gain Advantage.

Akana’s comprehensive suite of API Management products helps enterprises drive developer adoption, reach new channels and gain business advantage, addressing all stages of the API lifecycle. 

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Build a Developer Community

Take advantage of the viral power of the web.

Akana’s developer community platform provides a connecting point where you can manage, share and promote your APIs in a secure, scalable environment.  You can manage your own developer community, or plug-in to communities that already exist.

  • Tell People about your APIs - After you’ve created your API our Enterprise API Platform lets you tell the world about it.  Or you can choose to inform just your own group of key stakeholders.
  • Public or Private: your Choice - Our Enterprise API Platform is designed with the enterprise in mind.  You can publish your APIs privately and invite selected groups of developers into one or more business communities.  Alternatively, you can publish your API broadly while still controlling access.

API Security

Akana’s API management platform lets you secure your APIs, protecting sensitive data while allowing access to authorized Apps and users.  Security features include:

  • Authentication Policy Options - Choose from a wide array of authentication schemes, standards and token types to ensure that only valid users and applications get access to your APIs
  • Enterprise OAuth - Use your existing enterprise security systems to create an OAuth authorization server so your users can manage access rights for their own data
  • Advanced Cryptography - Ensure the privacy of customer data with sophisticated encryption and signature capabilities

Traffic Monitoring

Akana’s API management platform lets you monitor APIs keeping an eye on traffic from individual Apps.  Monitoring features include:

  • Monitoring - Get visibility into how your API or App is behaving understand how your customers are using it
  • Troubleshooting - Quickly identify and fix problems to keep your customers happy

QoS Management

Akana’s API management platform lets you manage quality-of-service for your APIs, managing quotas and service-levels for individual Apps.  Management features include:

  • Performance and Scale - use our proven enterprise platform to ensure that your API starts and remains blisteringly fast
  • Protect Internal Applications - Avoid overloading your internal applications while providing customers with guaranteed service-levels using our comprehensive QoS management for SLAs and quotas

App Management & Provisioning

Manage which applications can use your APIs, and how much traffic they can consume.

  • App to API provisioning workflow - Walk developers through a simple process with easy to understand approvals for getting access to APIs
  • Manage Sandbox and Production Access - Allow easy access to sandbox endpoints for testing, with a more rigorous process for getting approval to use a production endpoint
  • Legal agreement management - Require developers to accept legal terms for each API before their App is granted approval to access the API
  • Per App QoS policies - Allow developers to negotiate a QoS policy for their App with the API administrator

Manage the API Lifecycle

Akana’s Planning solution helps you define API strategy according to business goals, to maximize benefits and minimize risk.

  • Optimize IT investment - Ensure you build the right APIs at the right time.
  • Strategize - Prioritize and build APIs and enterprise services based on your current and planned needs.
  • Align - Understand dependencies between planned APIs and enterprise services.

Akana’s Development solution does the heavy lifting to help you build and run your APIs.  Get the tools you need to create the innovative APIs that drive your business forward.

  • Define and manage APIs - Create APIs with multiple interfaces using different standards including REST/XML, REST/JSON and SOAP with no extra development effort
  • Document APIs - Define and document your APIs so developers can use them without burdening your support resources
  • Support for intermediation - Convert existing SOAP or Plain-old-XML (POX) over MQ or JMS services into RESTful APIs with XML and/or JSON content
  • Provision and Test - Expose sandbox (test) and production endpoints for your APIs with an intuitive approval process for granting Apps access to each of the endpoints
  • Manage App to API connections - Automate and control the connections between Apps and APIs

On-premise or in the Cloud

You can choose how and where you deploy Akana’s Enterprise API Platform to best meet the needs of your business.

  • On-premise - Deploy the software in your own datacenter so that you have full control of everything and can manage compliance with internal, industry and regulatory standards
  • API Platform-as-a-Service - Use the cloud-based API platform to get your APIs live as quickly as possible leveraging our ability to scale and manage the platform
  • Hybrid Deployment - Put parts of the solution in your own datacenters (most typically the API Manager proxies) and leverage the cloud-based services to build and scale your Developer Community

For details about our Open and API Management PaaS options please click here.