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October, 2008

Integrated SOA Governance

Build the right services, build them right, ensure they work right

Here is your SOA Software Update for October, 2008.
Topics include:

Corporate Expansion

SOA Software
SOA Software Announces Record Growth in Production Environments

SOA Software Announces Record Growth in Production Environments

SOA Software, a leading Integrated SOA Governance Automation vendor, announced today that the number of transactions processed by its systems each month grew by 400%, to over 2.5 billion transactions a month. The growth was due to the expansion of existing production systems and the deployment into production of new SOA Governance systems.

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SOA Software Expands European Operations

Company Appoints Executive from Microsoft to Lead Expansion

SOA Software, the leading Integrated SOA Governance vendor announced today that it has hired Wolf Gilbert; an executive from Microsoft Corporation to lead its rapid expansion into the European market.

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SOA Products
Product Update

SOA Software launches Repository Manager, and renames Workbench to Policy Manager

With the launch of Repository Manager version 6.0, SOA Software's first release of LogicLibrary's Logidex product, SOA Software is taking the opportunity to rebrand its existing product line to better reflect the role and function of these products. SOA Software's Workbench product is now called Policy Manager to highlight the breadth and depth of its policy support across all lifecycle stages. The features and functions of Workbench have not changed, all that has changed is the name. Policy Manager is simply the new name for SOA Software's industry leading SOA registry/repository product. Service Manager remains Service Manager, with Logic Library's Logidex product renamed to Repository Manager providing an advanced software development asset governance solution.

SOA Software's Repository Manager, Policy Manager, and Service Manager combine to form a comprehensive Integrated SOA Governance Automation solution, with SOLA providing a governable Mainframe SOA platform. build the right services, build them right, and run them right.

Product Overview

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SOA Software Announces SOA Development Governance Product

Repository Manager™ 6.0 Provides Comprehensive SOA Asset Lifecycle Management and Federation

Los Angeles, Calif., June 2nd, 2008 - SOA Software today announced the availability of Repository Manager 6.0 (previously Logidex TM). Repository Manager enables enterprises to understand what services and other software assets exist, where they're located and how each fits into a company's business and technical landscape. By providing a context for understanding and assessing existing software assets, Repository Manager serves to automate the path to SOA, enabling customers to rapidly develop, govern and deploy services within the SOA service lifecycle.

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Always On
SOA Software Selected by AlwaysOn as Top Private Company For The Third Consecutive Year

Recognized as AO Global 250 Winner for game-changing technology and market value

SOA Software, a leading Integrated SOA Governance Automation vendor today announced that for the third straight year, it has been chosen by AlwaysOn as one of the prestigious AO Global 250 Winners.

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Red Herring SIIA Codie Forrester

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Software Magazine 500 Inc 5000

Always On 100

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New Governed Service Platforms

SOA Software Announces Expanded SOA Governance for Microsoft .NET Framework

Company certifies Microsoft Managed Services Engine as a Governed Service Platform

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SOA Software Demonstrates Performance and Reliability in SAP Co-Innovation Lab

Company Automates Operational and Development Governance Processes in Support of SAP Services a Cornerstone of Enterprise SOA Programs

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SOA Software Announces Integrated SOA Governance for Microsoft .NET Framework

Company certifies the .NET Framework as a Governed Service Platform

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SOA Software Adds Support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server

Integrated Governance Automation Leader Improves Team Collaboration and Control from the Convenience of the Visual Studio Environment

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Compuware and SOA Software Partner for Mainframe SOA

Compuware and SOA Software help companies modernize and leverage their mainframe environments by allowing business-critical mainframe applications to become first class participants in a Service-Oriented Architecture

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SOA Software and iTKO LISA Announce Combined SOA Governance and Validation Solution

Customers gain enhanced SOA Policy Management and Compliance Enforcement capabilities

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New Integrator Partners
Sogeti BienTech Cayzen
Enable-U AppLabs Jackpine

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Upcoming Partner Webinar

10 steps to Successful SOA governance
Nov 18th 9am
Like jumping from a plane without a parachute, target shooting with your eyes closed, or assembling a 1,000-piece jigsaw puzzle with no box-top picture to serve as a reference -- such is the plight of the organization that attempts to adopt a Service-oriented approach to technology and business in the absence of governance. In this session, thought leader Kyle Gabhart of Web Age Solutions and Ian Goldsmith of SOA Software will outline 10 steps to successful SOA Governance


  • Ian Goldsmith, VP of Product Management, SOA Software
  • Kyle Gabhart, Web Age Solutions
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Mainframe SOA

SOLA Analyst Report
The Clipper Group Independent Analyst Report: Build a Super-SOA with SOLA

Superman seemed immune to the inefficiencies that plague the rest of us with less-empowered lifestyles. It is easy to think about the plagues of inefficiencies when thinking about IT’s service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA is the logical way to both build and evolve the software that supports business operations. These business operations are typified by constant shifts and extensions needed to meet both the nature of the competition and the changing needs of customers. Their nature is well matched by a software architecture characterized by loosely-coupled components and arbitrated run-times run on hardware that is similarly flexible – either by its design or made so by virtualization. However, these architectural characteristics bring, with their flexibility, some inherent performance and security challenges. In some situations, these challenges are mitigated adequately by today’s processing capacities and density and by adding vulnerability and penetration testing disciplines to the traditional IT security arsenal of authentication, access control, identity management, firewalls, and encryption.

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SOA Software Achieves New Partner Status

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Integrated SOA Governance for your Platform

Whatever platform you run for your SOA, we have a governance solution that helps realize the maximum benefits. Click your platform to see how.

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New Product: Repository Manager

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Repository Manager (formerly Logidex) enables enterprises to understand what services and other software assetsexist, where they're located and how each fits into a company's business and technical landscape. By providing a context for understanding and assessing existing software assets, Repository Manager serves to automate the path to SOA. Learn more

Events IconUpcoming Events

October 27-30, 2008
Microsoft Professional Devlopers Conference

Microsoft PDC

Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC) is the definitive Microsoft event for software developers and architects focused on the future of the Microsoft platform. Register

December 8-10, 2008
Gartner Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit

Gartner AADI

The Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit is the one event that gives you the complete - and richest - view of SOA, SODA, SOBA, SaaS, Web Services and new Web, Application Development, Application Integration and emerging trends available. In 6 powerful tracks and over 60 sessions, the Summit will cover the hot topics across SOA and application infrastructure. Register

Webinar IconWebinar Archives

Webinar - SOA Development Governance Best Practices

Gov Con Webinar

Recorded October, 2008
In the past year, Service Oriented Architecture has gone from “the talk of the town” to solid reality. Gartner, Inc. argues that the continued rise in the popularity of SOA “requires disciplined governance to achieve the promised reuse.” Businesses must get SOA right from the start in order to prevent projects from turning into merely A Bunch of Services (ABOS) - point-to-point spaghetti code of a different form! Register

Enterprise SOA and the Mainframe

SOLA Webinar

Recorded June 11th, 2008
What do companies look for in mainframe SOA? What should they look for? In this webinar overview, Jim Crew, Vice President of SOA Software, will explain the complex issues involved in incorporating mainframes into a service oriented architecture. Learn more and register for this event

Best practices for SOA Planning, Lifecycle and Operational Governance Automation

Gov Con Webinar

Recorded March, 2008
This webinar discusses 7 of the most common enterprise IT scenarios in which SOA plays a major role. Most enterprises are engaged in initiatives around at least one of these scenarios as a significant driver of business value. In order for these initiatives to succeed, however, they must be supported by a solid consistent set of SOA best practices to help companies ensure that they build the right services, build services the right way, and that their services are behaving correctly. Frank examines the best practices, and identifies which are most important in the context of each scenario. Register

Webinar - Avoid the SOA Pitfalls that Prevent ROI

JBoss Webinar

Recorded May 15th, 2008
In this webinar, SOA Software's own Frank Martinez and Pierre Fricke from JBoss will discuss how to solve business and technical problems with open source SOA technology Register

Webinar - Integrated SOA Governance

Forrester Webinar

Recorded Feb. 19th, 2008
Leading SOA Governance expert, Larry Fulton, from Forrester Research, SOA Software’s own Frank Martinez, and Martin Brodbeck, from Pfizer, will cover the concepts and value of Integrated SOA Governance Automation solutions. Register

Webinar - Integrated SOA Governance for Microsoft Business Process Automation Solutions

Microsoft Webinar

Recorded January 16th, 2008
Speakers from Microsoft and SOA Software will describe how to leverage Microsoft products as a governed service platform for business process automation. It will examine the need for Integrated SOA Governance in a Microsoft context, and discuss the solution requirements and best practices. Register

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Mainframe Web Services / SOLA

  • SOA on the mainframe in CICS or batch
  • Standards-based and governable
  • Security with identity mapping
  • Scalable, adaptable, unrivaled performance
  • Compliments and enhances CICS TSv3.2

Learn more about SOLA

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"Great stuff. These folks are working on cutting-edge things, and I'm constantly surprised at the overall thoughtfulness and completeness of their platform. Highly recommended."

-- Richard Seroter
Richard Seroter's Architecture Musings
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