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July 2010

Unified SOA and Cloud Services Governance

Plan, Build, and Run Everything-as-a-Service®

Here is your SOA Software Update for July 2010.
Topics include:

Product Highlight: Portfolio Manager

SOA Software Enterprises are embracing SOA as a means to be agile in the face of rapidly changing business requirements. SOA Governance gives an enterprise the ability to customize service production, consumption and policies to match the maturity of the organization as it transforms itself to become an service oriented enterprise. However, without proper planning and prioritization of the services, enterprises might build services but not a service oriented architecture that will deliver the agility the enterprise needs. Planning Governance is a key part of SOA governance that manages the portfolio of services, ensures the context of business and technical needs drives the prioritization of services being built and that the key IT and business stakeholders are involved in this prioritization. Portfolio Manager is an innovative Planning Governance platform that is tightly integrated with rest of SOA Software offerings such as Repository Manager, Service Manage, Policy Manager.

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SOA Software
Product Update
Through the first half of 2010 our engineering team has been busy working on a broad set of product updates. We have released versions 6.2 of our market-leading Repository Manager and Portfolio Manager products, version 6.1 of SOLA, and are just about to release the much anticipated 6.0 versions of Policy Manager and Service Manager.
  • Portfolio Manager 6.2 brings unprecedented end to end service visibility and traceability from business strategy all the way down to runtime implementation with the addition of:
    • Support for Standard Enterprise Architecture Planning Reference Models including Zachman Framework, Federal Enterprise Architecture, ITL, APQC PCF and others
    • SOA Portfolio Management Impact Analysis to dynamically generate visual maps of the interrelationships between enterprise business imperatives and the associated candidate services inside the browser
  • Repository Manager 6.2 serves to automate the path to SOA, enabling customers to rapidly develop, govern and deploy services within the SOA service lifecycle with:
    • Synchronous Asset Validation allowing customers to easily define conditional validation rules on any aspect of an asset
    • Search Enhancements so that customers can add their own specialized search types to the default choices provided by Repository Manager. This XPath based capability shields end users from specifying complex search rules
    • Enhanced Integration with Policy Manager adding support for acquiring proxy (virtual) services generated via SOA Software's Policy Manager and support for importing bundled WSDL/Schema packages
  • Policy Manager and Service Manager 6.0 are J2EE applications built on an extensible OSGi framework for operational readiness and ease of feature update and extension
  • Key new Policy Manager capabilities include:
    • Enhance design time governance through the Compliance Policy framework
    • Enable 3rd party integration (WCF, SAP, etc) through open standards for policy-based mediation and enhanced security
  • Service Manager adds:
    • Broad service coverage through support for new service bindings including http and REST build on an easily extensible framework
    • Expanded support for message exchange patterns with support for additional messaging standards and dynamic mediation using BPEL micro-orchestrations
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Soa Software
SOA Software Announces Enterprise and Cloud Service Federation

SOA Software announced its award winning Service Manager product version 6.0. Service Manager 6.0 provides advanced virtualization, management, security, monitoring and mediation capabilities for SOA and Cloud Service, implemented using a state-of-the-art OSGi-based architecture. SOA provides the foundation for a successful transition to an Enterprise Cloud Operating Model. SOA Software products allow customers to confidently share services between commercial SOA platforms like IBM WebSphere, Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle, as well as Red Hat and other open source providers. Service Manager is the industry's leading SOA Management and Security product. It delivers comprehensive standards-based security, routing, mediation, monitoring, and management. Service Manager implements and enforces policies, generates usage, performance and policy compliance metrics used to enable a closed-loop process for auditing and making sure policies are being correctly enforced.

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California Department of Water Resources Optimizes IT Efficiency with SOA Software and Red Hat

SOA Software announced that the California Department of Water Resources has realized immediate value with an enterprise SOA Governance infrastructure build using SOA Software's industry-leading products.
The State of California Department of Water Resources (DWR) is the operator of the State Water Project, the largest State-built multipurpose project in the United States. DWR's Chief Information Officer (CIO) Tim Garza, and Chief IT Architect Steve Croft are driving the Agency to move from a set of application silos to a Platform where IT functionality can be shared within the entire enterprise. Leveraging an SOA paradigm and enterprise services to create an agile and efficient infrastructure allows DWR to rapidly respond to new State and Federal requirements, delivering new applications quickly and inexpensively.

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Portfolio Manager
SOA Software Announces Portfolio Management for IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository

SOA Software announced a new SOA Planning Governance product that augments the SOA Governance capabilities of IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR).
Portfolio Manager for WSRR helps to maximize the efficiency of investment in SOA initiatives by automatically provisioning into IBM WSRR services that have been planned and prioritized according to strategic business and IT objectives. It helps management identify candidate services and build an SOA roadmap through SOA Modeling, Asset Identification, and a Portfolio Management process. To achieve these goals Portfolio Manager functions as part of a unified SOA Governance automation product family for IBM WSRR with seamless integration with IBM WSRR and SOA Software's Policy Manager for IBM WSRR.

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Soa Software
SOA Software Announces Repository Manager to Simplify Building Enterprise SOA

SOA Softwareannounced Repository Manager Version 6.2. Repository Manager enables enterprises to understand what services and software assets exist, where they're located and how each fits into a company's business and technical landscape. By providing a context for understanding and assessing existing software assets, Repository Manager serves to automate the path to SOA and Cloud, enabling customers to rapidly develop, govern and deploy services within the SOA service lifecycle.

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Soa Software
SOA Software Announces Advanced Policy and Security Federation for SOA and Cloud Services

SOA Software announced Policy Manager 6.0 with advanced Policy and security Federation for SOA and Cloud Services. SOA provides the foundation for a successful transition to an Enterprise Cloud Operating Model. Providing the right level of control over distributed, heterogeneous systems and platforms requires the effective policy governance provided by Policy Manager version 6.0.

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Soa Software
SOA Software Accelerates Enterprise SOA with Advance Planning Governance

SOA Software announced the availability of Portfolio Manager™ version 6.2. Portfolio Manager™ is an innovative Planning Governance product that helps ensure the alignment of SOA Programs with strategic IT investment and business objectives, resulting in enterprises building the right services at the right time. Planning Governance is one of the most important aspects of SOA Governance. As SOA implementations mature and services thrive and proliferate in enterprises, planning stakeholders need to make sure that their SOA initiatives are aligned with their business and IT imperatives. Portfolio Manager 6.2 makes it easier for enterprises to fortify their development and runtime governance with planning Governance.

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Soa Software
SOA Software Expands European Operations

SOA Software announced that it is expanding European operations with the appointment of Steve Pope as Vice President of Europe to support and drive the company's rapid growth in the European markets. SOA Software is expanding its European support, sales team and channel partners to meet the growing demand for SOA products. Current global alliances include IBM, Microsoft, JBoss (RedHat), and SAP.

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Integrated SOA Governance for your Platform

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