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Q2 2012

Unified SOA Governance, Cloud and Enterprise API Management

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Here is your SOA Software Market Update for Q2 2012.
Topics include:

Product Highlight: Atmosphere

SOA SoftwareEnterprises are making business applications available as APIs to drive business growth and expose new opportunities. As a result APIs are reshaping the business landscape as dramatically as the rush to create an Internet presence with a web site did in the late 90s. APIs are becoming the primary way that businesses interact with their customers, reach new markets, and provide the global app development community with the tools to deliver business capabilities to customers. Atmosphere provides a secure, robust platform that companies can use to share their APIs with the growing developer community. Atmosphere manages, monitors and secures companies' APIs ensuring that they deliver the level of service customers and partners require; the security of corporate and customer information and assets; and the integrity of the corporate brand.

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Soa Software
SOA Software and VMware to Enable Cloud Operation of Governance Platform

The VMware (NYSE:VMW) Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) added SOA Software as a partner. SOA Software’s products are easily deployed as VMware images, giving organizations the flexibility to quickly deploy and migrate governance solutions within and across their enterprise. SOA Software’s TAP qualification validates the successful deployment of all of its products on VMware vSphere virtual machines (VMs), the industry-leading virtualization platform for building cloud infrastructure.

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Soa Software
SOA Software Expands to Australia/New Zealand

SOA Software has expanded to Australia and New Zealand with the addition of Iain Goodway in charge of the region. Responding to traction with major accounts, the company decided to expand its business operations into the region. Iain Goodway is a senior executive with extensive experience selling IT solutions (hardware and software) throughout the Middle East, Africa and Australia over a thirty year career.

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Microsoft Platform
SOA Software Delivers IBM DataPower Appliance Management

SOA Software is augmenting the IBM WebSphere DataPower customer experience with its latest release of Policy Manager for DataPower. The new “Ready-to-use” SOA governance solution builds on the company’s extensive experience integrating SOA run time components and reduces administrative overhead, and ensures consistent policy and service definition. DataPower customers can turbo charge their DataPower-based SOA infrastructure with an increasingly rich set of features such as automated deployment, contracts, advanced policy management, security, and PKI management. SOA Software is also continuing to improve its IBM offering by codifying a number of proven patterns that deploy services to DataPower appliances using a policy-based approach.

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SOA Software and Red Hat to Host API Management Webinar

SOA Software joined forces with Red Hat to present a live webinar on the subject of API management on April 24th. “The benefits of API Management with JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform’s ESB and SOA Software.” discussed how SOA can provide a foundation for an API program, and how approaching APIs with a combination of a sound SOA platform and end-to-end SOA governance promotes API service levels (SLA), security, and policy compliance.

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Microsoft Platform
SOA Software Extends its Microsoft Gold ISV Certification

SOA Software announced that it has been recertified with Gold Independent Software Vendor (ISV)/Software Competency in the Microsoft Partner Network. SOA Software’s governance products ship with prebuilt, pretested, and governance-ready WCF services, clients, tools, policy, and documentation. With 18 use cases for Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) on the Microsoft platform, it is a ready-to-use toolset designed for nearly instant deployment.

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Microsoft Platform
SOA Software Announces Ready-to-use SOA Governance for Microsoft

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, SOA Software announced a new product for Microsoft Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) 6.1. With the goal of helping customers govern a wide range of Microsoft Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) use cases, SOA Software has loaded this product with prebuilt, pretested, and governance-ready WCF services, clients, tools, policy, and documentation. “This is a ready-to-use Microsoft SOA toolset, designed for nearly instant deployment,” said Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software. “With a simple startup experience, the WCF 6.1 Agent ready-to-use governance package becomes the foundation for education, training, and best practices—ultimately a springboard for complete governance of a Microsoft SOA infrastructure.”

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Microsoft Platform
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Developing an API Strategy
By Roberto Medrano - May 22, 2012
Like any product, creating a solid piece of software requires a lot of people focusing on doing what they’re really good at. Product managers focus on what the market wants and builds a list of requirements to deliver on that; developers create the product, refine it, add requirements and ensure it’s stable; a marketing team… Continue reading...

Do I need an API?
By Corey Scobie - May 14, 2012
A common question we hear from customers is “Do I need an API?”. It is a fair bet that 95% of companies that ask that question already have one. Do you communicate with partners, dealers or other external entities via a [web] service or other externalized enterprise service? Then you probably have an API. It… Continue reading...

The API and Your Mobile Brand
By Roberto Medrano - May 9, 2012
According to The Caine Mutiny, a Navy ship is a system “designed by geniuses to be run by idiots.” You might be tempted to think a similar thought about today’s mobile applications. Watching teenagers play with a mobile front end to what you and I know is a vastly complex enterprise back end, it’s seductive… Continue reading...

The Benefits of Partnership – Working with IBM
By Roberto Medrano - May 1, 2012
If you’ve been in tech for any length of time, chances are you’ve worked for IBM, worked for a company that was acquired by IBM, or your job is predicated upon successfully using IBM products. No matter how IBM has been a part of what you do, there aren’t many who can deny the incredible impact that Big Blue has had on business and technology innovation. Continue reading...

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Webinar - Using APIs to Extend Your Business Reach

Join Alistair Farquharson, Chief Technology Officer of SOA Software as he shows how businesses are harnessing the power of APIs to reach new customers and markets.
  • A brief history of the API
  • How to use APIs to make money, save money, build brand
  • “Appification” and the innovation model of the open API
  • API management nuts and bolts, and best practices
  • Why Community is so important
  • Some great examples of companies doing it right
Listen to the Recorded webinar here.


Webinar - Best Practices for SOA Governance

SOA Summit

Hosted by SOA Software
Featured Speaker
Alistair Farquharson, CTO, SOA Software

Join Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Governance industry leader SOA Software as he discusses how customers are driving efficiency and agility, and are readying themselves for the cloud with service-oriented architecture initiatives.  Alistair will describe how some of the world’s largest companies are benefiting from effectively planning, building and operating their SOA environments. He details how automated SOA governance helps enterprises more effectively leverage SOA to increase business output while slashing their SOA spending. Alistair will show you how F1000s are benefiting from a new agile and full-featured approach for SOA governance and federation that readily fits into their ‘any-to-any’ heterogeneous environments.

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Webinar - Automated and Agile SOA Governance for IBM WebSphere

Gov Con Webinar

Join Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software for this free webcast where he details how automated SOA governance helps enterprises more effectively leverage SOA to increase business output while slashing their SOA spending. Alistair will show you how F1000s are benefiting from a new agile and full-featured approach for SOA governance and federation that readily fits into their 'any-to-any' heterogeneous environments.

Webinar - SOA and Open Source: How to Reduce Costs, Increase Agility and Gain Greater ROI

Gov Con Webinar

Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) hold tremendous promise for reduced costs and increased agility for state and local government organizations. But how you implement SOA will determine whether or not you achieve your goals. Struggling with heavyweight, complex, and expensive proprietary SOA platforms can quickly sap any potential ROI gains.

Webinar - Microsoft and SOA Governance

Gov Con Webinar

Leverage Microsoft .Net & WCF for Your Enterprise SOA. Rapidly integrate Microsoft-based SOA projects with existing J2EE / web services

Webinar - SOA Development Governance Best Practices

Gov Con Webinar

Gartner, Inc. argues that the continued rise in the popularity of SOA “requires disciplined governance to achieve the promised reuse.” Businesses must get SOA right from the start in order to prevent projects from turning into merely A Bunch of Services (ABOS)

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