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Q1 2011

Unified SOA and Cloud Services Governance

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Here is your SOA Software Update for Q1 2011.
Topics include:

Product Highlight: Repository Manager

SOA Software Repository Manager™ enables enterprises to understand what services and other software assets exist, where they're located and how each fits into a company's business and technical landscape. By providing a context for understanding and assessing existing software assets, Repository Manager serves to automate the path to SOA.

Repository Manager™ is an industry-leading development governance platform that automates machine and role-based signoffs across the software development lifecycle. Development governance occurs as a service moves through the various phases of the software development lifecycle. Without development governance, SOA initiatives will fail to deliver agility to the enterprise - the core value of SOA. Enterprises must be able to track all of the components of SOA, changing them as needed while maintaining a clear understanding of underlying interdependencies. This holistic perspective can only be achieved through effective development governance.

Repository Manager's strong integration with leading application development environments, federation with all major service registries and extensive integration with Policy Manager™ enables customers to rapidly develop, govern and deploy services and their supporting assets within the SOA service lifecycle. Repository Manager is used by Fortune 500 customers to drive application agility and reduce cost and risk in their SOA deployment.

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SOA Software is a Winner for the 2010 Red Herring 100 Global Award

SOA Software, a leading SOA and Cloud Services Governance provider, announced today it has been selected as Award Winner for Red Herring's top 100 Global award, a prestigious list honoring the year's most promising private technology ventures.
The Red Herring editorial team selected the most innovative companies from a pool of 1200 companies from across the world - the Winners from its Red Herring Asia, Europe and North America Awards. The nominees are evaluated on both quantitative and qualitative criteria, such as financial performance, technology innovation, quality of management, execution of strategy, and integration into their respective industries.

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SOA Software Announces Innovative New Repository Capabilities

SOA Software, a leading SOA and cloud services Governance provider, announced today the availability of Repository Manager version 6.3.
Repository Manager 6.3, in concert with Policy Manager, introduces significant advances to SOA Software's industry-leading closed loop service governance automation solution, ensuring that fine-grained development-time policy decisions are automatically applied to the enterprise's operating environment and allowing users to enforce development policies at runtime.

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SOA Software Achieves IBM Advanced Partner Status

SOA Software, a leading SOA and cloud services Governance provider, announced today that it has achieved IBM Advanced Partner status. Achieving this status required a significant demonstration of success through certifications, proven solutions, references and client satisfaction. Advanced Partner status is awarded to key partners, and this achievement highlights the strength of the SOA Software - IBM relationship.
IBM PartnerWorld promotes integration between IBM and third-party products. IBM encourages its PartnerWorld participants to develop better customer relationships through year round communications, events and webcasts.

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SOA Governance is Top of Mind in Enterprise IT

SOA Software announced a new SOA Planning Governance product that augments the SOA Governance capabilities of IBM WebSphere Service Registry and Repository (WSRR).
SOA and Cloud Services governance are more important than ever to enterprise IT organizations. During the Gartner Application Architecture, Development and Integration Summit ( in Los Angeles, November 15-17, 2010, more than half of the presentations focused on the importance of governance in helping to ensure the success of enterprise IT initiatives.

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SOA Software Announces Unified Governance for IBM WebSphere Business Services Fabric

SOA Software, a leading SOA and cloud services Governance provider, today announced the availability of a comprehensive suite of governance products to help customers successfully plan, build and run applications for the IBM WebSphere Business Services Fabric.

SOA Softwares™ products provide Unified SOA Governance Automation for the IBM WebSphere Business Services Fabric. This allows customers to confidently use IBM WebSphere products as part of a heterogeneous enterprise SOA environment sharing services with other commercial SOA platforms including Microsoft, RedHat, Oracle, and SAP.

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SOA Software Announces IBM IMS Transformation Product

SOA Software, a leading SOA and Cloud Services Governance vendor, today announced SOLA for IMS, a legacy modernization solution that transforms IMS applications into high-quality, high-performance enterprise services, allowing the mainframe to be a full participant in an Service Oriented Architecture enabled environment.

SOLA is a comprehensive mainframe Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) solution that cost effectively turns the mainframe into a seamless part of an SOA enabled environment. SOLA provides customers with a fast and easy way to expose mainframe applications as secure, high-performance enterprise services and allows mainframe applications to consume Web Services. Using SOLA, customers can leverage millions of dollars of existing mainframe investments as part of their enterprise SOA environment. The SOLA runtime environment resides entirely on the mainframe, eliminating the need for expensive, unreliable and unnecessary middleware. Coupled with SOLA's Development Studio, this vastly increases developer productivity, providing faster time to market and lower application development cost.

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SOA Software Announces Repository Federation Solution

SOA Software, a leading SOA and Cloud Services Governance provider, today announced the availability of comprehensive SOA federation capabilities in its Repository Manager product. These capabilities help customers share software development asset information effectively within and outside the enterprise, govern how this information is shared, and integrate this information throughout the organization's heterogeneous software development ecosystem.

These federation capabilities benefit IT organizations by:

  • Providing a single point for software information across disparate systems in the development environment
  • Automating enterprise wide SOA policies and industry SOA best practices
  • Driving checkpoint-based development governance (e.g., triggering, coordinating and documenting code reviews, requiring complete end-user documentation for enterprise-shared services), thereby making better use of high-demand architectural and technical resources
  • Leveraging existing investments in platform SOA service repositories to be used in an enterprise SOA
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Soa Software
SOA Software Wins the 2010 SD Times 100 Award for SOA and Middleware

SOA Software, a leading SOA and Cloud Services Governance provider, today announced it had been selected as one of the SD Times 100 winners for 2010. For the past eight years, the SD Times editors have used the award process to spotlight the industry's top leaders, innovators and influencer. The editors look for companies that set industry's trends that become market standards. This year the 100 winners were placed into 12 separate industry categories.

“The software development industry is led by innovative companies like SOA Software,” said Alan Zeichick, Editorial Director of BZ Media's SD Times. “When choosing the 2010 SD Times 100, we carefully considered each organization's products and services, reputation with software development managers, and the new ideas and thought leadership that it brings to the industry. Thanks to companies like SOA Software, named to this year's list, the art and science of software development continues to advance at a rapid pace.”

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Integrated SOA Governance for your Platform

Whatever platform you run for your SOA, we have a governance solution that helps realize the maximum benefits. Click your platform to see how.

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Webinar - Automated and Agile SOA Governance for IBM WebSphere

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Join Alistair Farquharson, CTO of SOA Software for this free webcast where he details how automated SOA governance helps enterprises more effectively leverage SOA to increase business output while slashing their SOA spending. Alistair will show you how F1000s are benefiting from a new agile and full-featured approach for SOA governance and federation that readily fits into their 'any-to-any' heterogeneous environments.

Webinar - SOA and Open Source: How to Reduce Costs, Increase Agility and Gain Greater ROI

Gov Con Webinar

Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) hold tremendous promise for reduced costs and increased agility for state and local government organizations. But how you implement SOA will determine whether or not you achieve your goals. Struggling with heavyweight, complex, and expensive proprietary SOA platforms can quickly sap any potential ROI gains.

Webinar - The Agile Enterprise - A Unified SOA Governance and Cloud strategy


Cloud computing is rapidly becoming one of the most important parts of a company's IT investment strategy. Cloud computing and SOA are both highly relevant to today's enterprise, and are also highly synergetic. This presentation uses a set of real-world examples to highlight the alignment between SOA and cloud computing initiatives, and the ways in which companies can benefit from the synergies between them with effective cloud and SOA programs and solutions.

Webinar - Microsoft and SOA Governance

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Leverage Microsoft .Net & WCF for Your Enterprise SOA. Rapidly integrate Microsoft-based SOA projects with existing J2EE / web services

Webinar - Mainframe Modernization and SOA

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SOA Software will discusses how to safely bring high-value mainframe assets into your SOA.

Webinar - SOA Development Governance Best Practices

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Gartner, Inc. argues that the continued rise in the popularity of SOA “requires disciplined governance to achieve the promised reuse.” Businesses must get SOA right from the start in order to prevent projects from turning into merely A Bunch of Services (ABOS)

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