Akana Executive Team

Mark Tapling, President and CEO

Executive Team Mark Tapling has served as the CEO of multiple enterprise focused technology companies.   His background includes over 25 years of progressive experience in the strategy, growth and financial management of both public and private companies across a variety of industries. Before joining Akana, Mr. Tapling served as CEO of PacketVideo, where he transformed the company from a media infrastructure business to Japan’s first industry provider of Premium Media Content... Read More

Roberto Medrano, Executive Vice President

Tech Partners A recognized executive in the information technology fields of Cloud, API Management, internet security, governance, and compliance. Prior to joining Akana, he was CEO of PoliVec, a leader in security policy. Before joining PoliVec, he was one of the top 100 Sr. Executives at Hewlett Packard. Medrano was President of Finjan, VP at Avnet Inc, and executive at Sun Microsystems. Medrano has been selected “# 12 CMO Worldwide”, “The 100 most influential Hispanics in US”. Medrano holds an MBA from UCLA, a MSEE from MIT, BSEE from USC. Read More

Janine Bushman, CFO

Tech Partners With more than twenty years of experience in corporate financial management, Janine Bushman has served as CFO of five technology firms. Ms. Bushman has taken a company public, been the CFO of a public company, managed venture financings, complex operational challenges and numerous mergers and acquisitions (both domestically and internationally). Most recently, she co-founded Sendia Corporation where she served as the company’s CFO... Read More

Alistair Farquharson, Chief Technology Officer

Executive Team Alistair Farquharson is a visionary industry veteran focused on using disruptive technologies to drive business growth and improve efficiency and agility within organizations. As the CTO of Akana Alistair is helping to shape and mature the enterprise API and SOA industry. Alistair is responsible for product strategy and development for this leading Enterprise API and SOA Governance company. He spends a great deal of time and energy shaping... Read More

Brent Carlson, Senior Vice President, Technology

Executive Team Brent Carlson is a recognized leader in enterprise application and service oriented architecture. Most recently, Mr. Carlson was the CTO and founder of LogicLibrary, Inc. where Mr. Carlson drove the development and delivery of LogicLibrary’s products. Recently named to InfoWorld’s prestigious ranking of the Top 25 CTOs in business today, Brent is a 17-year veteran of IBM, where he served as lead architect for the WebSphere Business Components project... Read More

Alex Lazar, Senior Vice President Sales

Executive Team Mr Lazar has a track record of building sales velocity in early stage companies as well as larger public corporations. He is responsible for driving all sales efforts and extending Akana within the marketplace. Prior to Akana, Mr Lazar was program director for security at IBM Tivoli, following the sale of Access360, where he served as Vice President. Prior to Access360, he led the sales expansion of software vendor ISOCOR, and continued as Vice President... Read More

Lalit Ahuja, VP Professional Services

Tech Partners With a background in building enterprise architecture programs and shaping corporate IT strategy from the ground up, Mr. Ahuja brings a solid track record of successfully leading large scale enterprise middleware implementation and operationalization programs to his leadership of Akana’s Professional Services organization. Lalit first delved into services oriented architecture as a Solutions Architect nearly fifteen years ago, helping .... Read More