Rogue Wave Akana
December 15, 2016

Rogue Wave Software + Akana: Strengthening the Business of APIs

Digital Transformation

We recently announced that Rogue Wave Software has acquired Akana, combining our shared commitment to improving enterprise software development and adding valuable API management capabilities to a robust set of platforms, tools, and components used by over 3,000 organizations around the world.

Today, we’ll discuss what this means for Rogue Wave Software and existing Akana customers, plus explain how the Akana platform fits into the API management market.

Complementary Competencies

Rogue Wave brings to the table credibility and reach into the biggest enterprises in the world, most now with defined API strategies and initiatives. With the Akana platform, we have product capabilities that extend throughout the entire software development lifecycle, from the first line of code to the logical extension of the application via APIs.

In other words, we’re poised to not only enable your API vision, we’re ready to help make your entire software organization more successful, from architecture to production. Here are just two examples:

  • Our Zend product line supports enterprise-class development of PHP applications and services, with tools, training, and consulting to ensure apps are performant, scalable, always available, and meet release deadlines. With Akana, the business logic and data built on PHP has the potential to securely and reliably reach a much broader audience.
  • Our open source support packages provide 24/7 access to Tier 4 open source architects to solve any problem in your production software stack, from bugs to performance issues (see what we support here). Existing Akana customers can take advantage of this expertise to ensure minimal downtime and maximum performance for their critical systems.

You can see the list of our full capabilities, including Akana, here.

Commitment to Customers

Akana is a world-class enterprise API platform, and we’ll continue to enhance its capabilities. Right now, we’re working to improve the next generation user experience, reinforce our commitment to cloud, hybrid, and on-premises deployments, and to provide deeper integrations with more DevOps and Continuous Integration tools.

But one thing will not change: Our commitment to supporting our customers. We stand at the ready to answer your questions, or guide your search for information. Please contact us directly by email, or call us at 310-826-1317.

More About Akana

Put simply, the Akana platform helps organizations create and manage APIs to expand into new markets, modernize legacy business logic and data, and integrate the diverse and interdependent applications that are often found within companies. The enterprise-class features of the platform include:

  • API management – Infrastructure and tools to orchestrate API relationships.
  • API design – Specifications outlined to focus on design.
  • API security – End-to-end policies that are rapidly and consistently applied.
  • Mediation and integration – Modern, well-structured APIs that are quickly created from legacy assets and multiple backend sources.
  • API traffic management – Complete traffic control, including alerts and SLA enforcement.

To learn more, visit Rogue Wave Software and Akana.