One Solution Infinite Benefits
November 5, 2012

A New Enterprise API Management Platform - One Solution, Infinite Benefits

Digital Transformation

It has been a whirlwind for us, so we can only imagine what it's been like for our customers and partners. We've been heads-down creating a variety of products, tools and processes to create a comprehensive enterprise API platform, and today we launched it at Cloud Expo West 2012.

Today we announced the Akana Enterprise API Platform to help enterprises reach new channels and gain business advantage, throughout all stages of the API lifecycle. The Akana Enterprise API Platform is the first solution to address enterprise requirements across the entire API lifecycle, with planning, development, runtime and community management capabilities, which users can begin taking advantage of immediately. What does this mean for enterprises and API developers? It means that while some vendors can provide point products that serve certain elements in the runtime management tasks of APIs, our platform - the first true one ever offered - offers a complete and comprehensive enterprise API solution that addresses the entire API lifecycle.

This new overall Akana solution has always been about both enterprise API management and developer enablement. Yes, they're tightly integrated, but they also require a different set of capabilities, all of which we've worked hard to serve. Taking apart all our solutions you'll see that we've created an API security solution that provides authentication schemes, access administration and advanced cryptography. Our traffic monitoring features provide incredible insight into app and API behavior so you can better understand how users are interacting with them, and how you can quickly adapt as needed. Quality of service has been key to our solution that ensures high performance and scalability. Workflow, legal agreements, sandbox abilities, and so many more elements are being delivered to our customers and as a result, we are seen as the only true solution for complete, comprehensive enterprise API development and management. 

The new Akana API Platform includes our Community Manager, Portfolio Manager, Lifecycle Manager, Policy Manager, and Service Manager products.  Key features include:          

  • Developer Community          
  • API Lifecycle Management          
  • API Publish          
  • Documentation          
  • API Security          
  • Traffic Monitoring          
  • QoS Management          
  • App Management & Provisioning 

For organizations who rely on APIs to connect and multiply their business, this provides security in knowing that their APIs can be created, managed, modified, integrated and used all on a single platform. That makes the process easier not just for the development team, but for business planners and third-party developers as well.  What truly sets apart the Enterprise API Platform from other types of solutions is the magnitude of which it takes on:

  • API Lifecycle: It offers support for the full API lifecycle from planning and development through operations and community  management          
  • Enterprise-Class: It's enterprise-class and is optimized for scalability, performance and reliability. If you have any questions, our customers would be happy to validate this.          
  • Developer Community: Included is a social developer community, which enables you to immediately increase the reach of your API and subsequent app promotion.          
  • Federation: It enables federation between enterprise and Open communities allowing enterprise customers to promote their APIs through an open API marketplace.          
  • Deployment: Enterprise API Platform is available as an on-premise solution, as as Web service, Open PaaS, Enterprise PaaS, and a hybrid of these options.

If you develop, manage or consume apps, this flexibility of deployment and consumption options is clearly important. Think about how many transactions are performed on behalf of large, global companies like our global customers. Their businesses are increasingly reliant on a platform that does business through lightweight apps. If those apps aren't able to easily connect with other apps, or if there's downtime because of management irregularities, that equates to a potentially massive opportunity cost. Being able to manage the entire set of processes and deliver it all in a single platform is an incredibly smart way to operate.

Learn more about the Akana API management solution here.