API Planning with Atmosphere

Great APIs result from diligent planning on multiple levels. Atmosphere gives you to tools to think through your whole API strategy, build and deployment processes, ensuring that you plan effectively before going into production.

An effective API Planning solution will help you maximize the return on your investment in APIs by ensuring that you build the right APIs at the right time.  It allows you to understand and model dependencies between planned APIs and enterprise services and prioritize development of each appropriately, making sure your organization builds APIs and enterprise services based on current and planned needs according to a well thought-out program.

One of main benefits of an API planning solution is that it will help you make sure that you identify the goals you have for your API program, so that you can manage for success.  As the old adage says, if you don’t know where you going, how will you know when you get there.  As your company makes its first steps towards APIs, it’s absolutely critical that you decide what you want the outcome of your API program to be, so that you can design and build the right APIs for the job.

It is also important to identify the existing resource that you have that can help form the foundation of your APIs.  An Enterprise API should be an extension of an existing business process or application, and as such you should use existing enterprise services exposed by this process or application, or should work with the application or process owner to expose services that you can use as you create your API.  The planning process will help tie your API program to an enterprise SOA initiative to help ensure the stability and performance of your APIs.

Akana’s Portfolio Manager provides the industry’s first comprehensive API planing solution offering:

  • A Rich Set of Tools - We provide you with a robust set of tools for API definition, content, as well as policy and lifecycle management. This way, you can rest assured that your APIs are correctly structured and well documented, and integrate well with internal design and development processes.
  • Decide how you are going to do APIs – start from scratch, leverage existings apps or both. In addition to exposing new capabilities, you can leverage Atmosphere to harness existing investments in web services and enterprise SOA, with new formats and policies specific to an outside developer group.
  • Understand how your will share and promote your APIs through numerous community options.
  • Think through usage quotas, security and policy issues at the pre-build stage.
  • Think about your APIs from the App Point of View - Atmosphere provides sophisticated yet simple security capabilities that enable API developers to gauge how they want to manage and monitor their APIs.