Microsoft and Akana

Akana’s API Management solution for Microsoft offers full lifecycle management of your Microsoft-based APIs. It helps you to plan, build, run, and share your APIs on Windows Azure, in your on-premise environment for internal services, and hybrid scenarios where you need to expose internal services securely to mobile devices on the cloud. The solution natively integrates with Microsoft technologies such as Windows Azure Service Bus, BizTalk Server, and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF). Native support for the Microsoft platform lets you fully leverage the powerful security and runtime aspects of the Microsoft platform without the need for time consuming and costly integration projects.

The API Management solution for Microsoft lets you manage the planning, development, and deployment of your Microsoft-based APIs. Akana Lifecycle Manager, together with Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server, lets you prioritize and build APIs based on your current and planned needs. When it comes time to run your services, the Akana API Gateway adds native Microsoft security, transformation, integration, and mediation to your APIs, letting you spend more time building APIs and less time building infrastructure. The API Gateway also adds rich monitoring and analytics for your runtime services, including real-time system monitoring, alert management, reporting and SLAs, giving you powerful insight into the usage and behavior of your Microsoft services.

You can easily share your APIs with mobile apps and other applications using Akana’s Community Manager developer portal. The portal enables simple sharing of APIs and apps, provides powerful support for publishing APIs and services and fostering social interaction among developers. Community Manager also helps you provide API documentation and other important API artifacts. Once you provision access for a given app, the app developer can securely access your APIs to build functionally rich mobile apps for Windows Phone, iOS and Android devices.

The API Management Solution for Microsoft offers powerful native Microsoft support, including

  • API Gateway – Lets you run your APIs using the full features of the Microsoft platform, with powerful support for native Microsoft security, mediation, transformation, analytics, and monitoring.  Read more.
  • Akana Service Manager for Microsoft WCF – Replaces potentially complex and labor-intensive WCF policy binding with automated, centralized policy definition and enforcement for WCF Web services.  Read more.
  • Akana Service Manager for Microsoft BizTalk – Governs BizTalk applications that interact with Web services and other modes of messaging, as well as messaging that interfaces with the BizTalk Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). Read more.


Unified SOA Governance

Our Microsoft-based API Management and SOA governance products are native Windows products and deploy easily using Microsoft Installer (MSI) files.  They run alongside Microsoft-based applications in Windows Server. API Management and SOA Governance features for Web services on the Microsoft platform include:

  • Portfolio management of enterprise services regardless of delivery platform
  • Uniform lifecycle and policy governance across existing platform investments
  • Lifecycle Management workflow to implement building permit process
  • Assurance of interoperability with other platforms
  • Seamless, heterogeneous SOA Governance, Security and Management integration with major middleware platforms including IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, SAP and others
  • Performance and reliability management
  • SOA Management, SOA security, SLA, SOA monitoring, routing, mediation, and policy management
  • Integrated provisioning and lifecycle management
  • Inter-departmental consumer contract provisioning and negotiation
  • Standards support for Governance automation (UDDIv3, WS-MEX)
  • Trust enablement and trust mediation

On a product-by-product basis, the Akana governance solution provides the following value added governance capabilities to the Microsoft platform:

Microsoft Product Akana Added Value
  • Automation of WCF policy binding
  • Governance federation
  • Metadata management
  • Mediation for interoperability
  • Policy enforcement, implementation, monitoring
  • Security policy implementation and enforcement
  • Automated PKI key distribution
BizTalk Server
  • Governance federation Metadata management
  • Policy enforcement, implementation, and monitoring
  • Monitor any port type regardless of protocol
  • Dynamic policy implementation
  • Abstraction of office application service programming model from complex policy semantics and operations
Visual Studio
  • Easy access from the popular IDE to services and other assets stored in Akana Repository Manager (Development stage governance.)
  • VisualStudio tool for Akana Policy Manager (Runtime governance)
Visual SourceSafe and Team Foundation Server
  • Automated asset assembly to Repository Manager based on SDLC triggers
  • Seamless artifact access to services and other assets stored in this system of record

More Info:

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